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Will a statement of SEN be accepted by a different LEA?

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BlondieMum01 Tue 12-Apr-11 14:47:38

If a child has been Statemented through one LEA (say, Hampshire) and then we move to Surrey, how difficult a process is that? Do LEAs tend to accept each others' recommendations?

How difficult is it to change LEAs for non-SEN children?

(Newcomer to the UK circa June/July) - any info greatfuly appreciated.

cat64 Tue 19-Apr-11 01:22:52

Message withdrawn

SammySea Sun 29-May-11 00:55:09

Contact the new LA ASAP, via telephone, and ask about the process. It's best to get the ball rolling far in advance, so have paperwork ready to send on to them (current statement, relevant reports-particularly from the last 12 months). This will speed up applications for new school, if it's a move from mainstream to mainstream then I suspect this may be easier than if your child attends a special school-as the new LA will have to seek a suitable place in their special schools and this can sometimes be difficult depending on local provision.
Hope this helps..

nadia77 Sun 26-Jun-11 00:00:43

i was at the autism exhibition yesterday i asked the same question, i was told that if the child has already got a statement then the next local authority has to accept it for the first six months then they can review this either add or take way support of course not drastically but according to the child needs where ever the child goes the statment follows it is a childs legal right and requirment

verybusyspider Wed 14-Sep-11 08:47:48

I have very limited experience of this but one of the dx that is being floated for ds is PDA (pervasive demand avoidance) or asd, PDA is not a widely accepted dx, for example the neighbouring county don't recognise it as a statement of needs, I could be wrong (please someone correct me if I am!) it worries dh and I that whilst our LA dx of PDA could be the best one to get ds the help he needs at the moment if we moved the next county might not give him the same support
I'd chat the the LA you're thinking of going to

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