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excluded and statemented

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kim1978 Mon 21-Mar-11 12:05:18

I am new on here but really needsome advice and am hoping some of you guys can offer me that. I have a 9yr old son who has had a statemented since sept 2009 his primary need is social emotional and behavioural, he also has a diagnosis of ADHD and Aspergers Syndrome.My son has always been in a mainstream school but we were currently in the process of him starting at a special needs school in september as his current school no longer feel they can cope and are not meeting his needs.
On wednesday last week i was asked to go and pick my son up as there had been an incident at school. On my arrival i learned he had hurt another child with a bottle and tried to escape out of the window. My son has been sent home many times because of his behaviour and i have always been very supportive of the schools decisions. I was asked to keep him at home the next day as the parents of this child were very unhappy... there have been lots of complaints about my son from other parents in the past, which i can understand.To be fair the school they have always defended my son and kept him in school. Well on thursday i got a call from the head and went into see him nd he said with much regret and after a very long meeting with the relevant people he was going to have to permanently exclude my son as the other childrens welfare and safety had to be taken into account and besides all the other behaviours issue logged they also had 16 assaults logged that my son had done to his peers...I am now in limbo and just dont know where i stand or what to do, i dont want to challenge the head teachers decision as ultimatley my son needs to be in a special school but at the same time i dont want him not at school and missing out on his education. The head informed me that he would be notifying the local authority on friday (18/03) and they had 5 days to act on this as my son has a statement, so they have to respond quicker. Can anyone tell me what happens next and what say i have in the school my son will go to etc... This is a very stressful time indeed, i just dont know what to do....
Thanks in advance.

Ineedalife Mon 21-Mar-11 13:37:19

I think you should post this in the special needs children section, there is much more traffic there and loads of people with great knowledge of legal stuff.

I am sure someone there will help you.

Sorry I can't offer any help but didn't want to read and runsmile.

angrymomma Mon 21-Mar-11 22:33:39

Oh Kim, so feel for you. Your DS sounds very like mine, although he has managed to stay in his mainstream school thanks to the understanding staff.

I too have been on the receiving end of other parents complaints, and it's awful having to face them every day, and wanting them to understand that your DS cannot help their behaviour, it's just how they are.

Sorry I have no real advice, but am sending you my sympathy and hope you get some good advice soon.

NIGHTOWL65 Sat 11-Jun-11 02:38:41

hi i am new 2day and my dd has just been exspelled from her school yesterday with the same proms as you. reading yours is the same as what my dd has done and i got the same letter from her school and they have done the same. they has sent her home with some school work to do and they have to find her a new school within a few weeks (haha almost end of year) i have help from the parent partnership (link below ) and my local children's centre. please try these as they are very good at getting things done and getting the right help you need for your child

BlueArmyGirl Sat 09-Jul-11 21:07:51

Have a look at this site

I think they also have a helpline number which might be useful

showers Fri 09-Sep-11 11:21:10

Kim 1978, What you have written here is exactly what happened to us 18 months ago!! However we did fight the schools decision! Our concerns were that they wanted him out of their school but the alternative was just another mainstream school, he had been with these children for the last 6 years and he was 18 months away from going to secondary. We thought that to move him at this late stage would be too disruptive to him so we informed the LEA that we did not want him moved, the school had no choice in the matter as the LEA have to take your feelings into account.In yr 6 the LEA then named a special school on his statement, we also fought this as he is very bright and there were nobody at the special school left with any GCSE's, we wanter mainstream with an IR unit. We went to tribunal in June and my son started mainstream secondary with IR unit yesterday! Fingers crossed that he will be ok at this school they seem to have more understanding of aspergers. Whilst at the last school he did have a lot of exclusions but the school were also at fault as when it came to autism they didnt have a clue.Before you make the decision of special school please take into account the things that we did like, learning worse behaviour( theres always someone that has worse behaviour than your child) if he is bright, would a special school meet his academic needs etc.maybe think about a school that is mainstream but has an integrated resource for dealing with social difficulties,behaviour etc asociated with aspergers.Hope this has helped in someway!!!

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