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Neighbour dilemma re SN

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figcake Thu 23-Dec-10 22:45:17

Hi - have posted in Home-ed too

I have a question on behalf of my lovely neighbor who is non-MN. Her DD aged 8 has been bullied at primary school for the last 2 years and it is definitely not getting any better or being addressed by the school. Outside school she is really lovely, friendly, bubbly good com skills - infact, people stop her in the street/supermarket saying how they wished their Dc was "that lovely" "friendly" "chatty"etc.

Because she is increasingly ostracised and bullied at school and neighbor complained on a few specific occasions, they placed her DD on the SEN reg as they insist that she has difficulties socializing and none of their pupils would have said any of the horrible things she quoted as they sound too "grown-up" and effectively accused neighbor of lying even though she is a very honest person.
They have really been pressurizing neighbor into agreeing to external assessments (and made her sign a referral form) even though she was dead set against it as nobody anywhere else thinks there is an issue and is more to do with the school (btw no places in other schools in LA as there is a shortage of places here). They have not relented and have now written to say that they will be looking into other official ways in which to force her to agree to the assessments they require if she does not comply.
She has been talking of home-edding for a while and def feels equipped to do it but she now feels that LA will be 'on her back' even after she deregisters DD and not leave her alone as things are too far gone against her. We looked at the procedures for our LA and they def mention "home visits" with EWO (where DD would have to be present) in order to gain approval to Home Ed, submitting suitable ed philosophy, min 25hr/wk schooling and periodic visits thereafter in which examples of work must be shown; this all seems to go against advice on MN re LA rights. I don't home-ed so I can't help any further really.

Could anyone help us separate fact from fiction?

figcake Thu 23-Dec-10 22:51:44

I must add that the SENCO is a really unpleasant character who lives locally to the school and is known as being a bully despite her jolly-hockey-sticks facade. She is the one applying the pressure and even though neighbor does an excellent job with her four children she has even suggested parenting classes and said that if neighbor does not give in to her demands then that proves that she is an ineffective parent who is not taking the welfare of her DD into account and that the school is concerned about her welfare. Neighbor is a brilliant parent, more patient and nurturing than most I have met and we are worried that they might be planning to land her in trouble just because she rightly insists that she knows her daughter better than them.

figcake Fri 24-Dec-10 09:57:47


BrandyButterPie Fri 24-Dec-10 10:00:04

I can't really advise myself, but I know the LA are talking rubbish. Contact (or ask your friend to contact) Education Otherwise.

figcake Sun 26-Dec-10 22:04:35

Thanks Brandy, I thought as much - bumping again for the post-xmas crowd

homeboys Mon 03-Jan-11 13:26:59

Message withdrawn

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