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SEN school run taxi

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moshchops Thu 18-Nov-10 20:17:09

Crikey I haven't posted on here in a while, I am more of a browser smile
KCC pay for my son to have a taxi for school, I was under the impression that meant school door to house door. DS has CP and Learning difficulties, his cp is not that bad and he can walk, but not for far and he struggles with his bags, which is why dh (who works nights)always waits on the door step for the driver to pull in our street and then goes to the taxi to help ds with his bags to the house. I work days so I do the same in the morn.
Today dh was in the bathroom when the driver dropped ds off, well what the driver did was drop ds off and go home him self. Luckily dd who gets the bus home, saw ds struggling the 500 yards up the road with all his bags. by which time 'Joe le taxi' had buggered off. Oh, I am ticked off but before I say anything I was wondering if any one knows what the policy is.
Got to go and pick dd up from her rugby training, i will be back in 45.
Thanx in advance.

kittycat68 Thu 18-Nov-10 23:39:46

complain to the lea! phone the transport dept and make a complaint and also speak to the manager of taxi company as well, had something simualer myself with austisic child! driver blatently lied and said he did but i know different. insisted that the driver be changed( and got it) i asked for a letter from the company and the lea stating that if my child suffered any effect from this incedent or if it happens they would be liable. the taxi company is paid door to door and of course we are all reasonable people but this driver put your child at risk of injury for his own benefit and if he done it once i wouldnt want him doing this run again.

jiggles01 Sun 21-Nov-10 08:33:02

We had to sign a form to say that we understood the driver /escort will only leave our DS at our house if we (parents or other agreed over 18 )are at home .They knock at the door and only leave the path when they see us answer .
Our son has no problem walking but I would go mad if they just dropped him off ,especially down the road -what if you were not home and had an emergency ?
Definately call taxi firm /LEA transport and have a few words ,your son is in their care until handed over to you !

wendihouse22 Fri 10-Dec-10 11:06:24

That's a scary tale. Am in the process of considering my son at special school 15 miles away. "Transport is provided" said the Senco.

Wouldn't want THAT type of transport for my ds. They could shove that where the sun don't shine.

Report them.

fleetingstay Fri 10-Dec-10 11:23:43

As official taxi escort for my sn son i say report them.Sad to say some, not all of them just do not care about the client and are usually thinking about their next job.It is just not on is it?To anyone who is ina position to be their ds/dd escort i would say fight for it.It gives you peice of mind and you get paid for it as you are doing the same job as any other escort

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