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Experience of an Ed Psych.

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english1 Sun 14-Nov-10 16:35:28

My story goes - we have asked an independent ed psych to carry our an assessment of our DC. Just found out that the sch we wanted has been turned down. The 1st ed psy report does not show any clear indication of what our DC abilities are or any DX.

We now have asked for an independent assessment. Okay, the ed psych just informed us that the local sch which the LEA is suggesting is a good sch and our needs will be met. this is after we said to the ed psy that we are appealing the decision from the lea. How interesting - the tune has changed from our 1st meet with the independent ed psych, however has given us a get out clause - if our Dc will see the CAMHS then they cant carry out the assessment as they work with CAMHS.
Why does it seem that the ed psych is trying to sell this other sch to us and has blatantly said our DC will not be given the other sch without a ASD DX. Why do i feel that as this ed psych works for the LEA - their DX might not be correctly done.
i thought we are paying for an independent report not a distorted one.
Would it be a better idea to get another ed psych from a different borough then.

happyfrog Wed 01-Dec-10 22:52:27

It may be your independent EP used to work for your LEA which is why there advice may not sound as independent as you may be hoping for.

If you intend to pay for an assessment by an EP I would suggest trying to find an EP which specialises in the area of your child's difficulty.

Have you goggled your EP, this can be useful, in finding out the background of the person you are trusting to assess your child.

The LEA EP's duty is to the LEA not to you or your child. I found this astonishing - do not assume the LEA EP is 'on your child's side' all are working to budgetary constraints.

I don't mean to be depressive, just realistic.

pokhara Sat 11-Dec-10 23:28:33

this is interesting, earlier in the year i demanded the head at pre school arrange ep visit and that was starting staementing. Now bear in mind that for 2 years ds has had severe lang delay amongst other issues and in jan put at 1st centile for receptive language. his understanding of language and spoken language is so obviously behind, sooooo obvious. so ep comes in does report and puts him on 60th centile, salt cannot beleive it, he was refused a place at lang unit due to severity of delay. apprently ep had good conversation with ds,,eeerrrrmmmmmm i dont think so. so they cannot be trusted. ds didnt get the statement but i got him a place in EIB, fantastic 9 kids 1 sn teacher 1 ta and speech therapy throughout the week. But i still want to get independant ep assessment done cos i want to prove the original one wrong and that they were adjusting their finding to suit the lea.

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