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Parents evening and a suggestion of CAMHS

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Boobalina Wed 10-Nov-10 12:24:52


I'd really welcome so advice please.

Had parents evening last night for DS aged 5.5 yrs and he is in Yr1

The teacher was lovely, says he is a bright, academic, curious little boy - all good. However, she felt worried for him and suggested I get a GP referal for CAMHS....

DS has always been over sensitive to certain things - uncomfy clothes, labels, socks etc. Has at times totally over reacted about the feel of them and its caused problems. He can totally over react when someone accidently bangs into him, knocks him over, balls go into his face. Can overreact when you say no you cant watch more TV, have another sweet, get that toy - much screaming and aggressiion.

It was a problem in reception as there were lots of challenging kids in his class and he found it overwhlming sometimes and then behaved in a hysterical or aggressive way and got into trouble himself.

This year has been better as he likes his teachers and hated them last year.

My H and I have also just seperated after maybe 2 years of sniping and bickering and sometimes very agressive rows (I know this has had a big influence). Due to being stressed and miserable, I wasnt always as kind, patient or understanding with DS when he was fussing for the 14th morning in a row that his socks felt funny and his collar was anoying.

Anway, so the teacher suggested Camhs... I feel this is a little extreme as the rest of the time DS is bright, cheerful, engaging, playful, has LOTS of friends, very imaginative, empathetic, loving, terrific sense of humour and a gorgeous little boy.

I had a look on the net for hours last ngiht about it all and came across something I had thought about last year - The Highly Sensitive Child - I did the online check list and out of I think 23 questions, DS had 20!

I wrote down the website and give it to the teacher and head also and said, I felt this summed up DS and would read the book, try the options and then if in 6 months things arent settling down - then go the Cahms route?

Since the spilt, DS is already MUCH better and calmer in general...

What do you think given your experience?

Boobalina Wed 10-Nov-10 12:43:51


shineonycd Fri 19-Nov-10 17:38:33

Hi B,

I think you're on to something here! CAMH would not be my preferred route, unless DS's behaviour steadily displays such characteristics, i.e, aggression towards peers, hyserics etc. MY DD (6yrs) has shown this kind of behaviour and th school ahs been extremely supportive. They put in place a TA, and later, a STATEMENT was requested, which is now in place, too. Tell your DS's school to go for an Edu Psych review, and discuss your situation with a pediatrician (ask your GP to refer you to one in your PCT).
If Ed Psych, Doc, SCD Team etc all reccommend it, only then is a CAMH going to be beneficial, as it mainly provides Play Therapy, etc according to age and extent of needs.

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