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4 year old speech delay

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biscuitqueen Tue 12-Oct-10 17:41:26

Hi.Have been advised to post here from behaviour/development.I am wondering if anyone has any advice. A bit of background.... My son is 4,5 in January and has been at school for just under a month. He went to preschool from the age of 2.
We were told at the age of 2 that he had speech problems.we were given a handful of appointments with speech therapists. They gave us tips on how to help him which did develop his speech alot more.Preschool teachers were brilliant using visual aids if he started getting upset with not being able to explain what he wanted.
I had a letter from the teacher last week explaining that they are referring him to be assesed. I went in to ask what they were referring him for and she said primarily his speech. she said she could not understand anything he said which makes it hard to teach him.she did not say anymore.
He also has a very high palate which when born the doctors checked as they thought he had cleft palate.He also has a hole above his sacrum which he had tests for (scans etc) and they said probally o.k. This hole still is there,not got any smaller!
I have noticed that apart from this delay in speech which is so much better than what it was,he does other odd things.
He is very loud,spends half of his day shouting.He does not seem to get personal space. Will have massive tantrums when not alowed something or is told to do something when he does not want to(quite aggressive).Is picky at every teatime. Does not like certain smells like coins,will not touch them.
There are good points ,very loving when he wants,eager to spell and learn to read.sleeps very well and motor skill are above average according to preschool.
I dont really know if there is a problem i should be addressing. part of me thinks no he is just a normal boy with a few odd traits but i dont know. what does anyone else think?
p.s. i know im probally overeacting,its just hard when something else crops up.

zisforzebra Tue 19-Oct-10 17:33:11

Who will he be assessed by? Are they referring him to a Speech and Language Therapist? Mention everything you've mentioned above to whoever you're referred to and hopefully they'll get you seen by the right people if there is a problem.

Both of my DSs have had quite extensive speech therapy. DS1 was referred on by the SALT to a community paediatrician as she felt there were underlying issues and he's just been given a provisional diagnosis of Dyspraxia.


nightingale452 Tue 23-Nov-10 16:56:52

He sounds a little like my nephew, who has what they describe as an 'autism related speech disorder' - delayed speech basically, but he is also an incredibly picky eater and certainly used to be very loud (they live abroad so I haven't seen them for a couple of years).

I'm no expert, so don't read too much into this, just a couple of things you mention sound similar.

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