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Irlen's Syndrome?

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MathsMadMummy Wed 14-Jul-10 08:28:36

having seen this mentioned on another thread, I looked at a couple of websites and I'm wondering if my DSD (12) has it.

she's had a few tests for dyslexia over the years, some say yes, some say no. she's quite clever, but her reading/spelling are pretty poor and none of the traditional help has worked (extra phonics training etc) has worked at all. she still gets a lot of letters back to front, and gets headaches etc.

obviously I could be reading too much into it, but it does make sense as I've always wondered if her dyslexia was actually something more 'physical' IYSWIM. if it is this, she could get the special lenses (she wears glasses already) or the coloured filters or whatever.

what do I do though? it's hard to really know her day-to-day symptoms as she lives with her mum and we only see her every couple of weeks (hoping for more in summer). if we think it's worth checking out properly, how do we go about it? I'm wary of mentioning it to her/her mum needlessly in case it upsets her (or her mum thinks we're interfering hmm)

any advice/experience gratefully received!

23balloons Wed 18-Jul-12 22:10:53

It is good to hear positive stories. This thread has set me thinking. Please do keep updating. hopefully in a year or 2 I can come back with some good news. smile

fifi4560 Fri 27-Jul-12 07:17:25

Hi Just wanted to let everybody know that my son has now been diagnosed with Dyslexia as well as Visual Stress.
Yet another battle on my hands as my local authority do not recognise Dyslexia either.
The LEA kept telling me that there was no way my son was Dyslexic as well as having VS just goes to show that they do not know anything about these two conditions. (Dyslexia assessment paid for privatly, saved for 8 months to get this done)
My e-petition is still running, more than one person per household can vote as long as you have different e-mail addresses. Please ask all your friends to vote as well.
There is also one running for Dyslexia if everyone would vote on that one as well please.
I will not give up.
As a Parent i know that i am right to ask for the help needed for my child.
I will go all out to get the help put into place.
Please keep fighting for your child do not give up.
I Haven't and it has been 4 years now.
I will keep on going until the day he leaves full time education.


23balloons Fri 27-Jul-12 17:02:39

Thanks for the update. My son's school repeatedly told me he wasn't dyslexic & when I paid for an assessment and found out he was they told me it was too late as he was 2/3 through year 6. It is a disgrace the way dyslexic children are being let down by primary schools. I have already signed the petition too.

I am now doing Toe by Toe with my son and I can see he is starting to understand how to blend sounds to read words. He didn't even know the sounds several letters of the alphabet made when we started, I find it astounding that the school have never picked up on this & the fact that they didn't know he has never actually read a book!

I am hopeful he will get some help in secondary thanks to the report on his dyslexia but I know he won't be getting specialist dyslexia support. If more help was given in school there would be less problems to deal with when he leaves school but nobody seems to care. Keep fighting for your son & I will for mine but really imo the government needs to do something to stop schools failing so many children with dyslexia and vision problems.

fifi4560 Sat 22-Sep-12 21:19:58

Just to up date everybody. My son has been diagnosed with Dyslexia this year (private assessment). I was told by the Ed Phsyc that in no way was he Dyslexic she assesed him.
I have since managed to get Dyslexia added to his Statement of Sen in Part 2. They made no provision for Dyslexia in Part 3. I have sent it back with 19 changes and waiting to see what my Education Authority agree to. If i disagree with them again i will send it back again. I am determind to get him the help that he needs. He is in year 9 now and hasn't got long before he starts his GCSE's.
I will keep fighting for his rights as a child in Education.
He was diagnosed with Visual Stress (MIS) in 2009. With the use of lenses and overlays his reading improved from that of 7.2 years in year 7 to that of 9.5 years in year 8. He didn't improve much after that, that was when i started to question Dyslexia.
The lenses really do help the children who do not have Dyslexia as well. It has been proven that a childs reading can improve by as much as 1 year in 6 months if the right support is put into place to bring them along.
I have a group on Facebook called Parents of Kids with Visual Stress, this a place for parents to sound of and ease their frustrations with the Education Authorities. We also try to help and advise each other with our fight for our children. We all share our personnel experiences which helps others to fight the same as we are.

eilahtan Wed 03-Oct-12 09:42:36

Dear All,
Just wanted you peeps to know my son was successful with his claim and got awarded High Rate Care and Lower Rate Motability of the Disability Allowance component heard today to be backdated to July for Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome and also his Dyslexia. I fully recommend the book by Dr Duncan James called something like How to make claims for children with ?

eilahtan Wed 03-Oct-12 09:43:45

P.S the wording of Irlens Syndrome not recognised but I used the Equality Act of 2010 to support his claim.

eilahtan Sat 06-Oct-12 12:54:51

also please highlight the Visual Stress as your child has fragmented vision.Maybe perfect eyesight but everything viewed in 3D and fuzzy hence a partially sighted difficulty as told by the local blind association.

weeniewoop Wed 31-Jul-13 22:35:56

My son has MIS and Dyslexia since year 3 when fully diagnosed he is now just about to start High school, i have fallen out with his primary school this last year 6, as they messed up his support, ther disablilty people told me he was entitled to scriber/reader and extra time, the school didnt put it in in time, they then said he didnt have dyslexia anymore, well i was like a little rottwiler with them, demanded to see the head, told them how they have failed my son etc, ive spoken to his new high school and they are keen to help and put things into place, can i ask how i go about getting him stamented as i think with that they can be no more slip ups, also my son has now got yellow tints, he has to wear them all the time his last lot was bottle green, and they are extortiant prices, it cost me over £200, £90 per lense tint, extra glaze, so make its tougher if he falls with them on like boys do play rough. plus the coloromiter test.

i am also going to follow Fifi advice and claim DLA - way to go FIFI and the rest of you.


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