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I’ve just googled PDA. It’s my daughter to a T, what do I do now?

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Wetwashing00 Wed 01-Nov-17 16:40:22

Just like title says, I posted about my DD behaviour seeking advice. Someone suggested I google PDA (pathological demand avoidance) and the main symptoms match my DD’s.
If I book an appointment with the GP what do I say? Shall I just admit I googled it?
I thought doctors hate self-diagnosing google mums, so will he even take me seriously?
Also do I need to bring my daughter to the first go appointment? If so what do I say we are going for? She is 9.

JoWithABow Thu 02-Nov-17 10:03:18

I don't have experience of this specifically but what I would do is go to the GP, list the things you are worried about ('symptoms' I guess) then say something like, I have been concerned about this for some time, so I looked online and read about X, which was like reading a description of my daughter. What do you think?

Docs know we all Google, I don't think they would think it's a bad thing as if they know what your starting point is then they can either reassure you that it isn't that, or discuss it in more detail.

If the GP says they disagree with what you've found then ask them what makes them think it's not that. Ask if they can think of what else it might be or what you can do to help your DD.

Remember, after you've listened to what they say you can always go home and digest it, have a think and if still unsure you could always go back, or see a different GP later if you are still convinced. But I think you should mention your Google research as I really have never experienced doctors not liking this approach,especially if presented in a questioning way, not going in all guns blazing and insisting it's what you've Googled. Good luck

Wetwashing00 Fri 03-Nov-17 23:02:21

Thank you for your reply,
I have had a phone consultation with a counsellor from young minds.
She has suggested a self-referral to relate. But doesn’t think she is showing signs of PDA, maybe just emotional difficulties.

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