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Still haven't made your will? Marlow Wills January Special Offer!

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ADV: mumblechum0 Thu 28-Dec-17 20:53:13

Still Putting off Making Your Will? MN Special Offer from Marlow Wills

Are you still delaying putting off making your will, perhaps because it seems a bit daunting, or too expensive, or it’s hard to find the time? We make the procedure simple, clear and cost effective.

Why Choose Marlow Wills?

1. We are the best at what we do. Our Reviews speak for themselves We’re rated Number 1 in the country out of 665 will writing firms. Virtually all of our reviews are 5* and always have been. Every will is written individually by a qualified will writer with 25 years experience.

2. We work around your busy schedule, offering appointments in the early evening as well as the day, and work either face to face if you’re in the Marlow area, or by phone, Skype, or dial-in conference call, whichever you find most convenient. Appointments only take half an hour and the draft will is emailed to you within 3 working days.

3. We offer exceptional value for money. A standard single will is £160, and a pair of mirror standard wills is £250. This is a fraction of the fee charged by most high street solicitors. We also offer bundling packages if you also wish to make Lasting Powers of Attorney.

During January, we are offering a New Year Special discount off all of our fees, bringing the standard single fee down to £140, and a pair of wills down to £210

Contact Yvonne Boyle
01494 880069
0777 454 3532

mumblechum0 Thu 28-Dec-17 20:54:01

Bumping New Year Special Offer.

Happy New Year to all of our clients, past, present and future!

mumblechum0 Fri 29-Dec-17 10:15:47


mumblechum0 Sat 30-Dec-17 22:14:35

See our reviews here: ; thanks so much to everyone who’s been so kind as to leave a reviewsmile
Now fully booked until 10th Jan, but we have some evening and daytime appointments after that.

thesandwich Sat 30-Dec-17 22:15:13


mumblechum0 Sun 31-Dec-17 13:02:46

Thanks for the bump The Sandwich!

mumblechum0 Mon 01-Jan-18 14:43:11

Happy New Year 🥂🎉, we’re back at work tomorrow for new enquiries.

Butterymuffin Mon 01-Jan-18 14:44:13


mumblechum0 Sat 06-Jan-18 16:45:47

Weekend bumpy

mumblechum0 Thu 11-Jan-18 18:56:33

Thanks to everyone who’s booked in so far. Now fully booked up to 22nd Jan. The offer runs out at 6pm on 31st Jan.

mumblechum0 Sat 13-Jan-18 18:44:14
Thanks to everyone who’s been kind enough to take the time to leave a review; it’s very much appreciated 😊

Balearica Sat 13-Jan-18 21:02:33

Just adding a recommendation for Mumblechum who did a great job of my will and was incredibly speedy and efficient too!

mumblechum0 Sun 14-Jan-18 11:42:17

Many thanks, Balearica for the kind recommendation, I'm delighted that you were pleased with the Marlow Wills service smile

allwornout0 Mon 15-Jan-18 14:28:56

You did my will for me about 5 years ago, if I wanted a bit changed (in a trust) rather than a whole new will, how much would it be pls?
Also, (for a friend) in order to make use of your offer, do you have to have an appointment in Jan or just have made the appointment by the end of Jan?

mumblechum0 Mon 15-Jan-18 14:53:21

AllWornOut0, if you'd like to let me know exactly what you have in mind, I'll be happy to give you a price, but as a general rule, there's a flat fee of £30 for up to 5 changes of little things like names, addresses, adding in or removing bequests etc..

If by adding a trust, you mean something fairly complex like a life interest trust, or a disabled person's trust, that starts at £100, as there's quite a lot of time needed to write.

For your friend to benefit from the offer, she'd need to get in touch with me this week so that I can book her in for an appointment by 31st Jan, although if she can't do it until the first few weeks of February, that will also be fine.

allwornout0 Mon 15-Jan-18 15:52:03

Thank you mumblechum0
I already have a disabled persons trust in a pair of mirror wills for my daughter.
I was just wondering what happens if you have a disabled child with a trust set up. Say for example they reach 60 years old and all their relatives have since passed away, what happens to the trust when they pass away?

mumblechum0 Mon 15-Jan-18 16:57:51

Hello again,

Well, if possible, you should appoint the maximum 4 trustees, and when only 1 or 2 of them are left, they could appoint someone else from a younger generation.

Otherwise, if you have any other children, you can appoint them as soon as they’re grown up.

Feel free to email me on with your full name and I’ll dig out your file and answer your questions direct. 😊

mumblechum0 Fri 19-Jan-18 18:04:44

Just a weekend bump for the special offer. Still have a handful of slots before it runs out on 31st January.

Appts are available during the day or in the early evening and typically only take 30 minutes

Have a good weekend smile

mumblechum0 Tue 23-Jan-18 16:11:02

A few more reviews on the website this month (all 5* smile)

Many thanks to everyone who's instructed us this month, now almost fully booked for the rest of the month, but so long as you get in touch before close of business on 31st January for an appointment in early February, the discount will still apply.

WhatWouldLeslieKnopeDo Fri 02-Feb-18 20:57:07

I'd like to make a will and also Lasting Power of Attorney (I think I need both sorts, but definitely the health one) - do you have a rough idea of how much that is likely to cost?

mumblechum0 Sat 03-Feb-18 18:18:25

WhatWould, a single standard will is £160.

If you make LPAs at the same time there’s a significant reduction from the stand alone fee of £225 down to £175 for one, and £300 for a pair, so the overall saving is £200 (total for a will and both types of LPA £460). That’s exempt from VAT.

I’m not available at all next week but currently taking bookings from 14 Feb onwards, up to 8pm.

mumblechum0 Mon 26-Feb-18 15:24:42

Almost three weeks since I bumped this ad!

Do get in touch to make a will or lasting power of attorney at a time to suit you; appointments are available up to 8pm, either by phone, Skype or in person if you're in the Marlow area.

ajandjjmum Mon 26-Feb-18 15:26:16

Just to say mumblechum handled the Powers of Attorney for our older family members efficiently and with kindness.

Would totally recommend.

mumblechum0 Mon 26-Feb-18 16:29:03

Oh, thank you so much ajandjjmum, much appreciated! smile

Crocky Mon 05-Mar-18 20:18:23

Been on the phone to Mumble tonight after we finally decided to do something about sorting our wills. She is lovely. Very clear and helpful.

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