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Moby users - help with Lotus position please

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AuroraB Sun 11-Oct-09 20:33:42

hello, i hope someone will know what i am on about. My boy is 4 months old, has good head control and i thought i'd try him facing outwards in his Moby.

well i read the instruction book and i knew i'd heard somewhere that you mustn't just do a reverse hug hold, i.e with legs a'dangling as it's bad for their pelvises (?) well i tried the lotus hold which is the only outward facing hold in the book and it just doesn't work. he's a huge chunk of love and i don't know if it's down to his podgy legs or what but bringing his legs and feet into the centre just seemed all wrong and the band barely stretched around him and seemed to squeeze him too tight. he just disn;t look comfy or right.

do i make sense? has anyone else cracked the lotus hold? or are there any other outward facing ways to carry him?

thanks all

BertieBotts Sun 11-Oct-09 21:46:48

To be honest I just did the leg dangling position and didn't do it for very long!

Actually at about 6 months when DS wanted to look out more I tended to put him in a sort of sideways position - so like the hug hold, but then I'd tuck one arm in and one arm out and sort of shuffle/bounce him round towards the side with the tucked in arm. That way, he could see out (and reach for/point at things) but also hide his face away/lean on me if everything was getting a bit much.

I never managed to carry him in any other position than with his legs straddling me - the froggy legs/buddha hold, he would just try to stand up in the sling and stretch the fabric out which seemed a bit insecure to me (and looked strange).

AuroraB Mon 12-Oct-09 17:23:24

thanks BertieBotts, at least i know i'm not the only one unable to rock the lotus hold. i might try as you suggest with the sideways thing

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