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Beco Butterfly II or AngelPack LX?

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elk4baby Thu 08-Oct-09 17:30:45


I've read so many reviews ont he SSCs, it's scary shock... I've narrowed down my choices to the two, but can't decide between them and would appreciate your help.

I ruled out the Ergo and the Pikkolo for the short back support for baby (mine is quite wiggly). The Connecta seems to lack a padded waist support - I tried our carrier without the 'pad' on the webbing and it tends to dig in, so is uncomfortable.

I currently have a Snuggly with a waist support, which is great and quite comfortable. But since reading some articles on how this type of carriers puts a lot of pressure on little spines, I'd really like to get a carrier that'd be just as comfortable and easy to use but would support by little boy better (from knee to knee). He's almost six months now, but I've never worn him facing out (although I can easily do this with our Snuggly) - he's quite happy facing me actually and sometimes likes to do a little 'just checking in' eye contact .

The Beco seems to provide a more 'secure' carry, given the inner Y-shaped strap (i.e. you can have the carrier securely on your body before putting baby in). Or is this really not necessary? Also, some reviews mention the 'tricky' buckles - are they really? or do you get the hang of how to use them after a while?

What slightly bothers me in the AngelPack is the shape and how the straps attach to the body - I think my LO will end up sucking on the corner between the two parts. Also, on some pictures it looks like the baby would have a hard time getting his arms out - he'd need to stretch them up and then 'force' the straps under his arms. Or am I completely wrong on this one?

I'd appreciate your input. (and sorry for the long post)

Yeni Thu 08-Oct-09 20:20:05

I have the original Beco Butterfly and the APLX. I would go for the Butterfly every time as it is so comfortable and secure. The APLX folds up a lot smaller than any other SSC I have used and so would be a great choice for travel.

The Beco buckles are fiddly in that you have to squeeze and push a button but it doesn't make it inconvenient.

The internal harness on the Beco makes it very easy to put on. I'm still not very confident with a back carry on my own without the Beco.

I think my DS can do arms in or arms out with the APLX. It probably depends on the size of the child.

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