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connecta or beco - anyone have any tips?

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dizzydixies Tue 06-Oct-09 19:32:08

am considering getting one of these for 14month old dd3 and can't choose between them!

the connecta is cheaper certainly which is swaying me a lot and it also says it goes up to a UK 22 which would be very helpful as I'm a larger lady blush

I also noticed on one of the sites that they are reversible so plain on one side and patterened on the other so DH may even be persuaded hmm

the beco looks lovely too and has a good write up on bigmamaslings as well

does anyone have either of these that they can give me some advice or does anyone know where I can get a second hand one - ebay looking pretty sparse atm

dizzydixies Tue 06-Oct-09 21:37:15


browny Tue 06-Oct-09 23:17:19

Hi, I have two Connectas and love them and use them all the time, I don't think the pram has moved for months! (Oh thought I'd mention that it is possible to reverse a Connecta but you would need to re-thread the buckles.

I haven't tried a Beko so can't compare but you may be able to buy one from, they have a really good For Sale or Trade forum. Maybe there is a slingmeet near you so you could try before you bought one HTH smile

dizzydixies Wed 07-Oct-09 06:11:31

thank you browny - shall have a look at those pages too smile

browny Wed 07-Oct-09 17:14:14

Oh, you're very welcome, come back and tell us what you decided to go for smile.

llandb Sat 10-Oct-09 14:34:43

Hi, I don't think you can go all that wrong with either But as a proud owner of a Beco Butterfly v.1 and a Beco 4th Gen, and ex-owner of a Connecta, I thought I shoud chip in.

I didn't get on with the Connecta because I didn't realise it was supposed to be worn 'apron'. DD loved it though. The only reason I wouldn't try again (properly, this time blush) is that I have RSI and found the buckles a bit stiff and spindley. Not in an 'unsafe' way but in a 'have to squeeze harder than is comfortable' way. As this was with an as-new Connecta and the Becos I've tried had more use, that could be the true reason! They seem really popular so this can't be a common problem.

I love the Beco 4th Gen (but I suspect you mean a Butterfly). Padded waist and body, and it uses the same buckles as an Ergo, which means that you can extend it with the Ergo waist extension. I don't think the body is as tall as the Connecta and I found the detachable sleephood a nuisance. Doesn't pack very small.

The Butterfly is great for someone like me who isn't the very best or most confident with back carries. But a lot of people find it digs under teh arms and is a nuisance to strap the child into. Many people find that a Calyx does a better job of the same. (I'm one of the unusual people who prefers Beco Butterfly over Calyx!)

Also, the Butterfly isn't great if you're the sort of person who likes to do crossed back straps for front carries. It's more of a rucked straps job, as I think a Patapum or Ergo is (someone who knows more about these may be able to enlighten). Also, I found the child harness on the butterfly a real hindrance for BF, though I'm not sure you'd absolutely have to have it between you and the LO. So I'd say it's great for someone who isn't confident with back carries, but not such a good all-round carrier.

Of course, it could be different for a Butterfly v. 2 - I've only tried v. 1. I think the only differences are that v. 2 has longer straps and a removable newborn insert.

Sorry, that's turned into a bit of an essay! I think most people would send you to a Connecta and I'm the odd one out. Yes, what browny said, defo come back and tell us what you went for!

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