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Is the mothercare backpack good?

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annasaunders Mon 05-Oct-09 20:50:05

My partner and i are off to egypt in 3 weeks. we are looking for a sterdy backpack for are son he's 20 months old, long and slim. We where looking at the mothercare brand as we can't spend too much. we are bringing the pushcare too but need the backpack for a few excursions. any suggestions? are the mothercare brand any good?

Any thoughts, Ta

Tangle Mon 05-Oct-09 22:49:17

Can you get to to a store and try one? Personally I'm not a fan of framed backpacks (I'm a sling girl - 30lb DD can throw me off balance less if she's tied on tight ), but I know they work for lots of people - the only way to find out whether it will work for you, though, is by trying it.

If budget is a concern you might want to see if there's a nearly new sale near you in the next couple of weeks. We had our local one last Saturday, and there were a good 1/2 dozen framed back carriers, of which the most plush and expensive one was going for £50.

How long were you looking to carry him for? I can still cart DD for an hour or so pretty easily using a Mei Tai - and one of those would be a LOT easier to pack than a framed carrier. Its tight for time, but you might find a slingmeet you could get to where you could give a soft carrier a try if you were interested, or there's a couple of sites that have a fairly high 2nd hand turn over where you could get a good toddler carrier within your budget (this is a good one to start with)

Hope you find something comfy, and have a fantastic trip

annasaunders Tue 06-Oct-09 21:03:03

thanks for your tips, i will def follow a few of those up.

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