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Please help! - baby wearing.

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snala Sat 03-Oct-09 10:55:35

I am new to baby wearing and have a 8 week old with colic, he likes to be upight. I have got a baba sling that i find really uncomfortable and hurts my back.

I have looked at wraps and mei tais and they look much better, whilst looking i found these napsack

Has anyone got or used one of these? or would
the mei tai or wrap be better?

HELP!!!!!!!! So confused.


VirginiaLoveGlove Sat 03-Oct-09 17:30:29

Napsack baby is a good brand of Mei tais. it will take a child from NB to 3yo.

I like MT but i love wraps. it varies from person to person.

there are lots of videos showing you how to use MT and wraps on you tube. if you go to and visit their forum there are also videos stickied at the top of different baby wearing boards to give you a taste of what to do.

ThePinkOne Sat 03-Oct-09 17:33:01

I loved a wrap with a tiny baby. I borrowed a hugabub and looked on youtube for how to tie. I have a patapum now he's older. That napsack looks good but I like the tightness of a wrap.

BertieBotts Sat 03-Oct-09 17:43:28

The Napsack is a Mei Tai - it has wider straps than most which makes it more comfy to use.

However I would say since he is 8 weeks old now - having experience of an autumn/winter baby, (I was in labour this time last year! [Hormonal]) definitely go for the wrap. They are so lovely and warm and snuggly I haven't used a Mei Tai but just from looking at them they seem a lot more suited to an older baby.

rachyh85 Sat 03-Oct-09 17:48:27

i only have experience of a babybjorn when my dd was nb-1 yr then i got a babyhawk mei tai which is amazing (my 2.4yr dd still uses). i dnt think id be happy putting a little baby in the babyhawk though, but i loved the babybjorn. was very easy to use and kept her close to me and upright-good for your ds.
i would recommend them both, for an 8 wk old the babybjorn was really nice and it managed to soothe dd on the nights when she suffered from wind pains.
there are sites that u can rent wraps etc from to decided which is best before u splash out -
its cheap to try them too!
good luck hope u find the one u want.

MoominMymbleandMy Sat 03-Oct-09 21:41:46

Napsacks are a very reputable brand of mei tai but I've seen a lot of complaints that the Baba Sling is uncomfortable and difficult to adjust.

You might also find this site helpful.

snala Sat 03-Oct-09 23:07:17

Thanks eveRyone,im off to do more research!

browny Sun 04-Oct-09 23:40:24

Hi, Connecta's are great, (have buckles at the waist and either side of your arms) they're so easy to put on, comfortalbe to wear - and can be used from newborn up to around the ages of 3/4

Kozy mei tais, are really comfortable too, these don't have buckles just long straps, but really easy to tie.

I did try wraps, but got too hot grin.

letsblowthistacostand Mon 05-Oct-09 04:22:51

I got the Napsack baby when DD2 was 6 weeks old and it was fabulous. Very snug, very comfortable and I found it easy to put on. Would still be using it but DD2 (now 15 months) very picky and has settled on a different carrier as her favorite--i'm sure we'll come back to it as she gets bigger.

Slingjax hires them out to try if you don't want to commit.

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