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Can someone tell me a name or brand of a twin sling

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dizzymare Tue 15-Sep-09 00:07:53

Dizzymare knows nothingblush

And I think this is the road I want to go down, so any help or guidance would be great.


dizzymare Tue 15-Sep-09 12:13:57


dizzymare Tue 15-Sep-09 16:15:42


puddock Tue 15-Sep-09 16:22:15

You can wrap twins - small ones at least - in a single long German-style wrap like a Didymos, Storchenwiege or Hoppediz.

dizzymare Tue 15-Sep-09 16:24:29

Good god they all sound like cheesegrin

Thanks, I'll google them now.

puddock Tue 15-Sep-09 16:28:37

or use 2 slings at once...
IS this any help?

puddock Tue 15-Sep-09 16:31:46

better still:

foxytocin Thu 17-Sep-09 21:13:45


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