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Which sling with my condition..?

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ErikaMaye Sun 13-Sep-09 22:49:07

Hey everyone

Am expecting my first (31 weeks) and would really like to get a sling. But I have ME / CFS and walk with a stick. Also means my balance is affected. So thought I'd ask you experts what you thought would be best!

Am also on a tight budget so any cheap site links you can recommend for said sling would be MUCH appriciated grin

TIA. x

CMOTdibbler Mon 14-Sep-09 16:58:17

I'd go for a stretchy wrap like a Moby or a MeiTai so that the weight is spread out well and baby is firmly held against you. The moby would be great round the house as you can tie it once and then pop the baby in and out without retying.

You can buy second hand on the UKBabywearingSwap Yahoo group, on here, or the Natural Mamas forum

ErikaMaye Tue 15-Sep-09 00:30:23

Thank you

Bleatblurt Tue 15-Sep-09 00:56:47

I walk with a stick (I have spina bifida) and use a MeiTai. I can still carry my chunky 21 month old in it.

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