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A ring sling or stick with what I have? Please advise...

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angel1976 Fri 11-Sep-09 15:15:05

Hi all,

Expecting DC2 in 2 months and starting to panic (Sainsburys took advantage of my panic and I spent stupid money in there buying icky birth stuff, enough said!). Currently we have a bugaboo chameleon still in pushchair mode and we don't intend to convert it yet. Forgot to mention that DS1 will be 20 months when new baby arrives! He is, at the moment, still not good at walking long distances without wanting to be carried after 2 minutes.

I already have an Ergo (which I loved for DS1 when he was smaller but haven't used it since I got preggers), a baby bjorn (DS1 liked that once he could face out and I found that easier than the Ergo for a short trip to the local shop) and a friend has lent me a carrier that looks suspiciously like a mei tai babyhawk.

Am toying with the idea of a peanut sling as I saw a friend using it and it looks really easy to pop the baby in and out when they are newborn! Basically, I will need the sling on days DS1 goes to nursery. We live on top of a fairly big hill and nursery is halfway down (a good 15 minutes walk) so I imagine I will take the pushchair for DS1 and DS2 in the sling.

My questions:

- Am I right in assuming that if I wear baby on the front in the babyhawk, there's only one way to put him in it? I've been looking at videos on youtube and it seems there is only way to carry baby in it. The baby can't 'lie' down in it right.

- Any recommendations/ideas for any other slings? Do I really need another one? I had a Close sling for DS1 when he was born, which was great for wearing him around the house but frankly found it a bit of a pain to go out in it as no matter how I tied it, I got a sore back/shoulders afterwards!

- A third idea is to get an infant insert for the Ergo, any idea where I can get this in the UK and price of it?

Thanks for any advice!


ib Fri 11-Sep-09 15:18:20

I wouldn't advise the infant insert for the ergo, I didn't like it at all and it costs pretty much the same as a simple ring sling.

Not completely sure a ring sling would be ideal when pushing a pushchair, tbh, I would prefer to have a newborn in the baby bjorn or a mei tai. I do like a ring sling for certain situations, just not that one.

newlark Fri 11-Sep-09 21:26:59

I had a similar gap (21 mths) and I think when pushing an older one in a pushchair it is better to have a two-shouldered carry so weight is evenly distributed - otherwise you may quickly get stiff shoulders. I think it is fine having the baby in an upright position from the beginning - you can do "legs in" (froggy position) to start with. Also some babies prefer to be upright than in a cradle position - particulrly if they have reflux for example. A stretchy wrap sling like a moby is great - I think they are a bit more supportive than the Close. Now ds is heavier I use a woven wrap which is fab (and I ofen carry 33mth old dd in it too when she is walking and gets tired )

angel1976 Sun 13-Sep-09 19:14:10

Thanks for all your advice. I might just wait and see with this one.. It's so difficult isn't it!

letsblowthistacostand Mon 14-Sep-09 01:35:19

I had (still have!) a mei tai for DD2 and DD1 in the pushchair. Was super comfortable, DD2 on my front all snuggly and sleepy! You put them in facing you with their legs in a froggy position. Mine is Napsack Baby, have heard good things about babyhawk.

Couldn't get on with ringslings, I think the one I had didn't fit me right, but everyone likes something different!

angel1976 Mon 14-Sep-09 22:48:53

Thanks, looks like I should just wait and see... It's amazing how little you need for the second one. LOL!

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