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Close Baby Carrier - any good?

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Ceolas Mon 07-Sep-09 15:03:33

From what I can gather it's a combination beween a stretchy wrap and a ring sling (or two ring slings).

Is it worth the money? Vastly easier to use than a wrap (I like a wrap but don't like the time it takes to put on)? Supportive enough to wear for a few hours at a time - is the extra bit to tie round the middle necessary?

Any experiences/opinions?

Ceolas Tue 08-Sep-09 09:21:17


Yorky Tue 08-Sep-09 09:52:41

I love it.
Have used it with DD since birth, she is now 9mo. We get lots of positive comments as we go round the shops in it, and her little legs dance in midair as she's so excited by what she sees! V cute! never got the hang of the cradle position with it though.
As for a few hours at a time, I wore her to the baby show at the NEC whenever that was and she spent most of the day in it, both of us were happy

At first DS wouldn't entertain it but now if he's tired and jealous of DD he asks to go in the sling and I am surprised everytime I wear him how easy he is to carry.

I am very bad about using the extra bit, don't actually know where it is atm, but especially when DD is forward facing I tie the extra length around our fronts to keep them out of the way, and be a bit of extra support, maybe?

My friend used a wilkinet for her first 2DDs but now likes to borrow my cose when we're out as its so much quicker to get baby in and out of. She has a bad back so her saying its comfy I take to be a very good thing

dinkystinky Tue 08-Sep-09 09:59:36

I bought it for DS2 - wonderful when he was really little and until he was around 5 months (when he got abit too vigorous with his movements - strong baby from an early age - and with it being stretchy material he would rotate himself slightly off centre). Havent used it for a couple of months as moved to a Beco then so he cant rotate round in that. Its great that there are so many different positions you can use for the close carrier and its very easy to use.

Grumpla Tue 15-Sep-09 08:33:17

I love mine. Was given two lovely ring slings, but couldn't handle having all the weight on one shoulder (terrified I would put my dodgy back out) and the backpack ones all had plastic clips that managed to burrow under my boobs.

It's loads easier than a wrap. The longest I have worn it was walking for over 4 hours, no problem at all, was really surprised by how comfy it was. Only downside was that it is very warm - some summer days it was really too hot for both of us. However I will probably take him out in this in preference to the pram when it gets really cold as you know they are warm enough and they keep you warm too!

I have always used the extra bit as it does feel more supportive but I guess you could use without as long as you made sure the fabric was properly fanned across the whole of your baby's back and shoulders (e.g. not leaving a 'V' for them to fling themselves out of) and it wouldn't be an issue if you had them forward facing with their arms pinned in.

For a while this carrier was the only way I could eat a meal with both hands...

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