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ceb80 Thu 27-Aug-09 10:52:23

Hi I need some advice please!
I have just bought myself a patapum after much careful consideration but I just can't get on with it, is there an easy way to get DS onto my back or is it just practice? I have studied the videos on Youtube etc but even in the guide that comes with the patapum it tells you you must have another person to put them in when you back carry which kind of defeats the object imo.

If I don't like the patapum what are the chances of me also not liking the ergo which was my other choice. What are my other options, Beco? Running out of time as we go on holiday next week and really want to take it with us!
BTW DS is short and stocky 5 months old, 20lbs blush if that helps.

2to3 Thu 27-Aug-09 14:42:27

We had patapums for our twins and TBH I never attempted to get a child on my back without help. I think it is impossible without running the risk of DC falling off. I always wore them on my front and DH and I helped each other to get them onto our backs. Found the sling very useful when travelling, but not sure if I'd get one again.

I think the Ergo is very similar - the main difference is that the Ergo can be used from birth (I seem to remember?). If you want to use a back carrier independently you're probably better off getting one of the sturdier frame carriers that you can put the child into and then put on your back like a normal backpack. I think Little Life do some good ones, but they always looked heavy to me (I'm a wimp with a bad back).

ceb80 Thu 27-Aug-09 17:22:19

Thanks for that 2to3. DS doesn't like facing inwards anymore as he is too nosy! Was having a look at the Connecta which looks a bit easier but not as sturdy. Back to the drawing board...

aendr Thu 27-Aug-09 18:44:25

On my thread, asking something similar but different, the Beco was suggested.

Tangle Thu 27-Aug-09 18:51:11

Do you definitely want a carrier with buckles (SSC)? I fling DD on my back with either a wrap or a Mei Tai - started when she was about 9 months, but didn't really make it our main carry until she was getting too big for a front-facing-in carry. She'll still go on my back now and she's 2.5! I've got a BBO and a Napsack, which are both good in different ways, but for getting her on my back I use the same method - tie the waist straps, stand her in front of me and toss her over my shoulder, and then hold onto her arm over my shoulder while I pull the sling up behind her. I find holding her arm has the dual benefit of stopping her falling off and keeping her nice and high so she has a good view.

There's at least one SSC that has a kind of internal harness, so you can strap the child in before you get the wholde thing on your back. Not much help as I can't remember which one (I'm not really an SSC girl blush), but if it sounds good I'll try and track it down for you.

If you haven't seen them, Natural Mamas and UKbabywearingSWAP are friendly places that are good for buying 2nd hand (I wouldn't have any qualms about getting a MT or SSC that had seen a bit of use already), and I'm sure you could find a sling that fits your requirements that could be got to you before you travel (some ladies were very helpful when I was in a similar situation last year).

2to3 Thu 27-Aug-09 19:34:15

I'm sure you know this but just in case you don't: You can wear your baby facing outwards on your front in the Patapum.

TitchyWitch Thu 27-Aug-09 20:16:34

The one with the internal harness is the Calyx. Only available in the states I think (I've not found a uk distributor but some people over here have them) There is a youtube video showing how it works and would probably reassure people who are nervous about back carrying with a soft structured carrier.

I have an ergo and I think it is very similar to the Patapum. I found the idea of back carrying with my wrap much more scary! I can happily get my 16lb 10mo DD into it on my own. The trick is leaning forward and grabbing a leg! The other option is to do it up on your hip and the use the straps to swing it round, I think there is a video of this method on the ergo website. I'd say persevere and practice over the sofa, it is brilliant once you feel confident.

TitchyWitch Thu 27-Aug-09 20:30:33

Oh, the Beco also sort of has a harness but not quite the same as the calyx.

ceb80 Thu 27-Aug-09 21:08:31

Ooh lots of replies!
Will check out the Calyx, think Beco is going to be out of my price range unless cheap 2nd hand.
Tangle I tried a wrap when DS was tiny and just couldn't get on with all the fabric, I could give it another go but don't think my heart is really in it! Does a Mei Tai still give the same support as a SSC I am small and DS is huge so want something that distributes his weight well.

Does anyone know about the Connecta?
2to3 I didn't know you could do a facing out carry with the patapum, will give that a go tomorrow!

Tangle Thu 27-Aug-09 22:32:47

== Does a Mei Tai still give the same support as a SSC ==

Ironically that's a really hard question to answer! A large part of the problem is that there are now so many different styles/makes of MT and SSC. One site (The Baby Wearer - another one that's really handy, although most of the stuff for sale is in the US) has more than 200 MTs and over 60 SSCs listed on their reviews pages. Each of those MTs will have a different size/shaped body, have straps that are a different width and/or length, that may be set at different angles and with variable amounts of padding... the variations are nearly endless. My experience was that its not "is there a MT that I will find comfortable and supportive" so much as "how many different MTs will I need to try before I find one that DD and I get on with". As it turned out, I got 3 and liked 2... although the choice suprised me - I've got quite narrow shoulders so expected to find narrower straps with padding more comfortable, but actually they were less so. (I'm still trying to persuade myself and/DH that I really need to try a more expensive one, as mine are pretty entry level... but they work OK and I can still cart DD for an hour or so if I need to)

The same goes for SSCs - they're all different and some of those differences will be very significant for your comfort.

So I don't know if that helps or confuses! It would be worth having a look on - its a long shot but there may be a meetup near you before you go. Or ask on Natural Mamas, as it may be possible to arrange a private meet up with someone who has a Connecta or Calyx that they'd be happy for you to try. Or get one 2nd hand to try and sell it on if you don't get on with it - there's a Connecta here for £40 or a couple of Calyxs here and here for £80 each.

Good luck

newlark Fri 28-Aug-09 12:14:29

I have a patapum and have tried an ergo - I like the patapum more (I have the toddler version) but I think they are pretty similar. I get ds or dd on my back using the hip scoot method a bit like this

newlark Fri 28-Aug-09 12:16:38

Oh and I find my home-made mei-tai more comfortable and supportive than the patapum - I made it to a similar design to the toddlerhawk I think but made wider unpadded straps which distribute the weight well.

ceb80 Fri 28-Aug-09 22:28:10

Think I'm going to use the patapum for my holiday as have had a play with it today and feel a bit happier and then when I get back sell it and buy a calyx or Beco. Will probably change my mind 10 times before then though!
Thanks for all your advice

sasamaxx Sat 29-Aug-09 21:47:45

I have a patapum and an ergo. The ergo is much easier as you can just superman DO up there. The prob with the patapum is the extra straps that go above the legs. I cannot for the life of me get DD up there on my own - I need to use the sofa.
I can easily get them up with the ergo, wrap or mei tai - it's just those damn straps IMO!!!

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