Carrier for chunky babies

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babyin2020 Mon 05-Apr-21 21:43:49

Hi, my 7 month old has outgrown our current carrier and I can't seem to find any to accommodate a chunkier baby. She's 22lbs with really chunky thighs which I'm finding difficult to get one she'll fit comfortable in.

I really love using a carrier so any recommendations would be great, thank you smile

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DancesWithDaffodils Mon 05-Apr-21 21:53:18

Are sling libraries doing loans during Covid? Might be worth talking to your nearest library, and trying some out.
I'd look at a connecta. I wore my nearly 3 year old (without chunky thighs) on my front, and could just about get the nearly 5 year old in it on my back if I had to when we borrowed one to go on holiday.

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