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Baby carrier - detachable pod?

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R1cciteddy Sat 26-Dec-20 16:05:55

Hi, not sure if this exists but does anyone know of a good quality baby carrier that detaches from the straps? I’m just thinking this will make life easier - perhaps the detachable pod can be used in the car seat too?

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R1cciteddy Sat 26-Dec-20 16:11:09

Also just to add I have just seen one by bush baby but it’s only until the are 6 months. Would love one to last a good while!

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SilenceIsNoLongerSuspicious Sun 03-Jan-21 11:08:01

I only know the Bush Baby one, but my experience was it was a lot easier to take baby out of a stretchy wrap (just lift up high, holding under armpits) than it was to try and slide the Bush Baby pod out (which was a two person job).

R1cciteddy Tue 05-Jan-21 19:16:22

Thank you, that’s really helpful

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voxnihili Tue 26-Jan-21 20:40:55

@R1cciteddy the Stokke mycarrier does. I used to be able to unzip it and lay my DD down on the panel in her crib rather than have to try and wrestle her out

R1cciteddy Wed 27-Jan-21 14:50:15

Great thanks I’ll check it out!

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