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Best carrier for hot weather

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VaselineHero Fri 23-Aug-19 11:53:37

I would like to buy a carrier for a 3 weeks holiday in Italy. We go in a couple of weeks and the temperature looks like it will be mid-high 20s, maybe even over 30 some days. DD will be 3 months when we go. She currently weighs approx 10lb 2oz.

I've googled and found the Ergobaby 360 cool, and the Beko Gemini cool. She would need an insert with the Ergobaby one which might defeat the point of the mesh perhaps? I haven't tried either yet.

Any suggestions or advice would be really welcomed. I live in Ireland and can't find a sling library or meet-up which will take place before we go away so limited in trying them out first.

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