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Does anyone have a Tula Half Buckle carrier?

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imanopossum Sat 20-Jul-19 19:40:26

Would you recommend? Can't find many reviews online. Thanks

ncqtime Wed 23-Oct-19 10:38:42

I do, and yes I would. I'm on the smaller side (eg ergobaby was too wide for me across the shoulders) and didn't want anything with buckles digging into my ribs. I find this very comfortable to use with my top centile one year old, especially if the straps are widened over the baby's bum/back, though I need a bit of help with this. Otherwise it's a quick learning curve to finding it easy to put on even while pregnant but I'm pretty flexible to hold baby on my back while fiddling around with tying it, instead of doing the hip to back twist as recommended in the instructions.
I cross the straps over my front but my dp at 6ft needs the length in the material so can't do this. He found it less comfortable on a recent walk but would like something with simple buckles so we'll be getting him a different carrier.
Pocket at the bottom is handy for a phone and keys but too small for nappy and wipes.

So if you're on the smaller side like me and can be bothered with the slight extra faff of the lengths of material go for it because it's really comfy to wear. Baby very happy in it. The hood is a nice addition too.

CMOTDibbler Wed 23-Oct-19 10:52:59

Not now, but when ds was a toddler I loved half buckle mei tais as they transfer the weight onto your hips well, but you still have flexibility on the straps. As I'm tall and dh is big we got ones with XL straps so they could be crossed esp when ds got bigger

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