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Help please! Mamalila jacket sizing.

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Bea1985 Mon 30-Oct-17 04:54:11

Hi wise ones,

I'm looking at the mamalila hard shell rain coat... Going for the thinner rain coat as can layer/unlayer with thicker clothes underneath as required.

I'm a size 10 normally, but at 35 weeks pregnant am a size 12 with a big bump/bigger boobs than before. I'll probably stay size 12 with biggish boobs for a few months....

I want to be able to carry LO front and back (eventually), possibly till 18 month plus, so potentially till she's quite large.

Not sure whether to go for a medium or a small? Don't want it huge and gaping but would like some versatility for extra clothes, bigger baby etc.

Can anyone tell me what size they are and what size coat they bought?


coconutpie Sat 04-Nov-17 03:57:53

Small should be the correct size for you. Medium would be too big if you’re normally a size 10. HTH.

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