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Ktan wrap help please

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enidlowrij Tue 22-Aug-17 16:17:30

I have a ktan original, also have the ktan active both medium 12 to 14 vut selling the active as its much too tight but the original feels too loose, theres no stretch to the active and seems like theres too much to the original... im not sure if its too big or whats going on tbh... he goes in perfect looks great feels secure then once i start to walk the loop in the back goes higher and the wrap gets looser so he goes lower.. hes still safe and can breathe and looks comffy but just doesnt feel as safe as id like it to... hes on my breast so can kiss him if i really stretch... is this because hes only 6 weeks? Or does it sound too big? Frustrating knowing ive spent a 100 on ktan and both dont fit. -.-

melissagabrielle Mon 06-Nov-17 02:56:26

I’ve just started using Ktan original sling with my DS who’s nearly 4 weeks old. He’s a big baby, long and good weight, so he seems to sit well in it - if anything, I’m finding it snug on his body and think he’ll grow out of it soon! Could the baby’s size make a difference? I watched a YouTube video on putting on the ktan which really helped me, and once it’s on I take a while to get everything positioned in as comfy a way as poss, pulling that loop at the back down between the shoulder blades and trying to in twist the fabric (I find it pulls on my neck sometimes and I get back ache, but maybe that’s because I have no stomach muscles!!). Hope this helps a bit! Am going to move onto the Ergo 360 for the first time soon, as do think DS will outgrow ktan soon, though haven’t tried any positions other than “hug” - have you?

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