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Bill Amberg papoose - tips

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Katlive17 Sun 19-Mar-17 21:06:21

Hi mums, Any tips on using this lovely sheepskin papoose? Particularly the getting babe in and out part. I found a fantastic 2nd hand one - it is years old but doesn't look it - and I'm struggling with the anxiety of forcing my little one's legs through the elastic leg straps and how to put it on without hubbie in attendance ...

bodecea Sat 13-Jan-18 16:46:13

Hi Katlive! I’m wondering if you ever figured out how to get baby’s legs in the straps? I bought this papoose about 8 years ago. Long before I ever got pregnant as I loved it and feared it might be discontinued. When baby number one arrived, I couldn’t fit her in. I called the Bill Amberg office and wasn’t offered any help. Now baby no2 is six weeks and I’m determined to give it another go. So all tips welcome. X

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