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Connecta owners...

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BettyOBarley Sat 18-Feb-17 18:14:04

Advice needed please!

After a thread on here the other day I hired a Connecta for DS who is nearly 5 months and 8/9kg so a big boy!

It arrived yesterday and I really want to love it as it's so easy to put on by myself which was my No.1 requirement.

But.... It's really uncomfortable! Within 5 mins my shoulders are aching. Any tips on what might make it more comfortable? Could it be too tight/loose/baby too high/low? I'm trying to get him as high and tight as possible.

I know nothing about baby carriers so I've watched a few videos and can't see much I'm doing wrong but seen as he's nowhere near the weight limit I must be.

I'm going to pop into the local sling meeting on Monday but really wanted to go for a walk with it tomorrow so any thoughts would be great!

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