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12 week old screams in Ergo 360

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Imps9 Tue 17-Jan-17 17:15:40

I've been using the Ergo 360 with insert since DS was about 3 weeks old. He has always cried a little bit once I've put him in there but has quickly settled and been happy in it (sleeping mainly). However, for the past 3 days, every time I've put him in there he has instantly started screaming (red face, sweaty screaming - not just a bit of crying) and will not calm down until I've taken him out or played white noise for 5-10 mins and he's fallen asleep. It's like he's in pain.

Has anyone experienced this? It's been working so well up until now and I simply can't use it if it causes him so much distress now sad

MadgeMak Tue 17-Jan-17 17:19:17

Are you using it in the forward facing position?

Imps9 Tue 17-Jan-17 17:22:17

No, sorry should have said - he's facing me.

MadgeMak Wed 18-Jan-17 08:09:26

Ah ok, I was going to say that if he's facing out perhaps he's becoming over stimulated. Is there a sling library near you? Might be worth checking if some minor adjustments will help him be happier, sorry no other advice. Good luck.

Imps9 Wed 18-Jan-17 10:31:20

Yes I thought a trip to the sling library would probably be useful. I'll do that, thanks.

Imps9 Wed 18-Jan-17 17:20:24

Okay I have just discovered that the screaming was nothing to do with the Ergo, everything to do with wanting to be on the boob. Man, I suck at this mum thing blush

Imps9 Wed 18-Jan-17 17:22:25

(Although to be fair to me, he must have just started the 12-week growth spurt because he had just eaten before each "tantrum". How was I to know he was still ravenous?)

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