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Carrying changing stuff

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MoreKopparbergthanKrug Sun 24-Jul-16 11:03:37

I've just got a Wompat for my 3yo. Finally he'll accept a back carry when tired (yes, I've been front carrying if necessary until now!). Only question is, how do I carry a couple of nappies, wipes, small toy, purse etc? He's not potty trained yet....and that's a whole 'nother thread....

I had a small back pack or a shoulder bag and that seemed to work with a front carry but neither work for a back carry and it's too hot at the minute to rely on coat pockets.

We're off to a festival in a couple of weeks, what does anybody else do to carry stuff?

Davinaaddict Sun 24-Jul-16 16:28:57

I used to either carry either my backpack on my front (yes I was that cool! 😄), or I had a massive bag with a really long strap that I used to hook over my head and put between my & DD across my body.

Philoslothy Sun 24-Jul-16 16:30:19

I use a bag with a long strap and wear it across my body but sort of between the child and the sling

MoreKopparbergthanKrug Sun 24-Jul-16 21:50:14

Thanks both. I'll look and see if any of my bags have a long enough strap that I can cross body without getting in the way of ds's feet...

I was hoping there'd be a big bumbag (worn at the front - style!) type option. I use a normal bumbag for dogwalks and I know that works with a back carry but it's not quite big enough for nappies etc.

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