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Carrier for 1 year old

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DillyDingDillyDong Wed 27-Apr-16 14:42:35

DH takes DS to nursery in a carrier, it's only a ten minute walk and is easier than using and storing the pram. DS is starting to get a bit big for this carrier though and DH would like another one.

Can anybody recommend a good carrier? DS has just turned one and weighs 9.5kg.

Noodlebugs1981 Sat 30-Apr-16 22:07:53

Ive just brought a little life ranger, £59 in the sale in millets. It's v light and my 8 month old fits well in it (with tones of room to grown). She felt so light in it my husband and kept forgetting she was in it! Could you try a local sling library to make sure you get the right one?

kellestar Sun 08-May-16 21:09:29

It's worth trying a sling library to see what fits most comfortably. It's like finding the perfect jeans, so many different fits and styles smile

I found Boba 4G, Tula Standard, Emeibaby and Connecta to be excellent buckled carriers that are light, easy to stash but also easy to use [though look a bit hard to start with] my husband has had a great babywearing journey with our two, now 5 and 3 they both mostly walk everywhere but there are times we still use our buckles and really thankful for them.

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