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Easy to use carrier

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Spudlet Sat 30-Jan-16 18:27:50

DS is 5 weeks old, and weighs in at 6kg (shock). We have hired a stretchy wrap from our local sling library, but although I've more or less got the hang of it, DH really struggles to get the tension right and doesn't like it. He wants something involving less faff! Any recommendations please?

stillnotjustamummy Sat 30-Jan-16 21:58:56

The stokke my carrier is brill. Hip safe, very solid, front and rear carrying options, machine washable and lasts until they are about three!

PurplePoppies Sat 30-Jan-16 22:17:45

Perhaps he would prefer a buckle carrier? Popular options in my local sling group are sleepy nico, connecta, tula, boba, depending on the carrier you may need a newborn insert at this age. It might be worth going back to the sling library to try on a few options as so much is downto personal preference.

geekaMaxima Sat 30-Jan-16 22:32:53

The manduca carrier (similar to an ergo baby if you've seen one of those). Click-click, pull-pull and you're off... My DP was a big fan of its ease of use and we used it regularly til DS was about a year old, with its last outing when he was 20 months.

However, DP's fave carrier for around the house was a pouch sling, used with DS upright. It was incredibly quick for him to pull it on and pop DS inside, and DS would sleep for hours snuggled against his chest. We used it loads until DS finally outgrew it at about 6-7 months. The sling size was too big for me, unfortunately, despite careful measuring: if I was doing it again I'd get an adjustable one.

Spudlet Sun 31-Jan-16 00:47:19

Thank you all! Am definitely going back to the sling library but wasn't sure what to ask for so wanted some ideas smile. An Ergobaby type thing seems like the sort of thing, I assume that is a buckle carrier so if I ask to try one of those it should be the right sort of a thing! So helpful to have the option to hire them to try out first!

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