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SSC for small 16 mo to carry on back on holiday? Connecta? Ergo?

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alwaysalaughtobehad Sat 19-Dec-15 18:03:26

Can anyone recommend a comfy carrier for my DH to carry DD in on hol/ at airport? Don't think we will have to time to try so just going to postal hire. Favourite is Connecta at present. DH is 5'10'', chest 40''. Any advice really welcome!

IndomitabIe Sat 19-Dec-15 18:08:13

I love the Ergo but DH didn't ever find it particularly comfy (he's 5'8"ish and 40something in the chest - I think it's the lack of hips that meant he struggled). I carried DS until he turned 4 with it.

Also, John Lewis stock Ergo's (do not let them sell you the 360, it's notoriously uncomfortable for everyone involved).

I've never tried the connecta but have heard good things. Also the beco & boba SSCs.

IndomitabIe Sat 19-Dec-15 18:09:01

Where are you based? You might be able to see a sling consultant/library before you go.

Artandco Sat 19-Dec-15 18:12:09

Boba 4g. Worked great for Dh and I who are various sizes Dh is over 6'2, I'm petite and 5'4.

The ergo was too big for me as straps didn't go small enough

Bounced Sat 19-Dec-15 18:18:43

A baby Connecta may not work if your dd is big - check whether you would need baby or toddler size.

I couldn't back carry in the Connecta as the straps didn't shorten enough but it should be fine for a bloke, and it's a super light, comfy and easy to fold and tuck in a bag sling. Much more packable than an Ergo.

IndomitabIe Sat 19-Dec-15 18:39:01

That is true, Bounced! Though we can roll ours to only half full a rucksack!

lucy101101 Sat 19-Dec-15 18:44:06

Try a Patapum (toddler not baby) they can be used up until 4/5 or beyond so you will get lots of use from it and they are very comfortable.

Hufflepuffin Thu 24-Dec-15 12:41:34

If it's just for the holiday I would get a boba air - I carry my 16 month old in mine. It's not as comfy as more padded carriers but it's perfect for this sort of thing. The grey one is £44 on Amazon.

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