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Ergobaby 360?

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elelfrance Sat 07-Nov-15 21:57:25

Anyone with any experience of this carrier? Expecting dc2 in a month, dd1 is 2, and while i wasn't a huge baby-carrier/sling user for her, i think i may find one more useful this time around.

I like the idea of the ergobababy 360, especially as it can be front facing once baby is big enough (the few times we did use a carrier for dd, it was the only way she would go in it)

Also, i'm a size 18, so it would have to be suitable for a larger lady!

Not in the UK, so sling libraries etc not available here...

elelfrance Mon 09-Nov-15 10:19:49


BettyBi0 Wed 06-Apr-16 14:05:47

I've got this carrier and it's great. Really nice, wide Velcro padded hip band so it doesn't dig in or give unflattering bulges. I'm a 14-16 but still have loads of expansion room on the hip belt bit and all the other straps are adjustable so I'm pretty sure it would comfortably fit UK 18-20. Super duper comfy.

I didn't really use the forward facing option too much as only got the carrier when Dd was 8 months or so. She was small for her age so it was possible to wear that way for a couple of months but tbh it was really overstimulating for her and she tired v v quickly. Forward facing is kind of weird as the legs stick out quite far in front in order to maintain the safe hip/back posture for baby so it's kind of like strapping a chair to your chest if that makes sense.

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