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Wanting a fabulous sling/CCS - beginner needs help please!

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ChampagneShowers Sat 15-Aug-15 00:04:33

Hoping there are some wrap/sling/soft structured carrier experts here!

I've been using a plain black stretchy wrap with my daughter (3 months), but I'm fancying something ... fancier!
I've started looking about, trying to find a perfect fabric/design, but coming up short.

Any pointers for where to look? I'm just getting to grips with the designer wraps - seem to go in batches so if you miss a release you miss out? Or am I just being slow? So far I am quite liking some Oscha designs, and Natibaby, but not yet finding The One.

I like: fairies/elves, stars, hearts, whimsy and magic! Unicorns! Seahorses. Dragons. And something pretty. Graded colours, maybe? Pinks? Help!

SignoraStronza Sat 15-Aug-15 00:10:40

Looks for BabyHawk slings. They used to do just mei tais but think they do proper sscs now.

I have a calavera skulls design and dh has a dragon one. grin

Kangaroosjump Sat 15-Aug-15 00:17:32

Tula or rose and rebellion

CatchesTheNightTrain Sat 15-Aug-15 00:20:49

Try and find out if you have a sling library nearby, that way you could try out the various brands and styles before you buy.

I have used a stretchy, wraps, Hop Tye, Ring Tye, Ring Sling, Connecta, Boba & Tula.
Slightly sling obsessed I have to admit!

But my preference has changed as my daughter has grown, so I don't think it's a one size fits all answer.

If you like your stretchies, maybe try a woven wrap - I loved wrapping, favourite brands of mine are Woven Wings, Didymos & Girasol.

We now mostly use a Tula, my daughter is 18 months and is constantly up and down with no patience for wrapping sadly.

CatchesTheNightTrain Sat 15-Aug-15 00:22:40

And to buy some brands at stocking is impossible, but if you join the various Facebook groups you can often but preloved, often at inflated market value.

There is an affordable sling resale group on Facebook.

ChampagneShowers Sat 15-Aug-15 11:48:10

Thank you everyone - will carry on searching.

Catches, that is what I am feeling - buying 'pre-loved' - aka USED and they are charging ridiculous prices - I refuse to pay MORE second-hand! Really, for the prices they start at and go for, I'd rather buy new.

I can't really afford to be buying and buying again - will a stretchy or woven wrap last me til she is out of being babyworn, or a SCS? Is a SCS suitable fro now (three months old)?

I will go to the local sling meet soon.

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