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Maclaren Techno Baby Carrier - ok to use and any instructions?

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swanseacat Thu 06-Aug-15 07:42:34

Hi, we bought a Maclaren Techno Baby Carrier about 5 years ago in TKMaxx but never used with our DD. Our DS is now 1 month old and I'd really like to try it. But I know some carriers are meant to be bad for baby's hips, is this one? And if it's ok, does anyone have some instructions to it as we can't find ours and it just doesn't feel right!! Thank so much.

DoloresLandingham Thu 06-Aug-15 23:51:34

I wasn't familiar with it so I've googled it.

It is a narrow-based carrier, like a baby bjorn, which is the type which has a bad reputation for damaging babies' hips. There is absolutely no evidence that these carriers will damage an otherwise healthy baby but they are uncomfortable for the wearer as the child grows as the weight pulls down on the shoulders. Much more comfortable are the wide-based ergonomic carriers which support the baby knee-to-knee, and therefore wrap their legs around you more naturally. If you want to try one and want to stick with buckles then you could look at a connecta for example. Alternatively, at one month your baby is still small enough for a stretchy wrap, which is a really comfortable alternative.

swanseacat Sat 08-Aug-15 22:04:19

Thank you dolores!

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