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15 week old rebelling against sling

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offbeatgirl Tue 30-Jun-15 18:48:38

I'm hoping one of you sling experts might be able to help. My DS used to be happy to be carried around in my sling (close caboo - I tried an ama wrap when he was first born but didn't get on with it). However, when I try to put him in it now he screams blue murder. I wondered whether this was because he's now more inquisitive and doesn't like facing inwards, but he's too little and lacks the head control to face outwards.

I tried taking him for a short stroll with him facing inwards but with his arms free of the wrap - and rapidly had to return to the flat because he was howling so much.

Should I try persevering with the close caboo, or leave it a few more weeks until his head control improves - or would I be better off with another type of sling?

I'd be grateful for any suggestions! Thanks smile

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