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Which ring sling for 10 month old through toddlerhood

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Pogsworthy Wed 20-May-15 11:34:44


I would love some opinions on which ring sling to choose out of the three I have shortlisted!

This is more or less purely based on aesthetics although with the Didy and Lenny Lamb I would be getting a gathered shoulder and the Oscha would be with their own pleat I have heard great things about so any ideas on that would be great :-)

Also I have heard the Lenny Lamb bamboo is so soft and perfect for newborns but would like to know if it is sturdy enough for a toddler who wants up and down a lot!

Anyone else struggle choosing colours? It took me about a month to settle on my Wrapsody in Nammy and Beco in Levi!

Thank you


The three slings in question are:

Lenny Lamb Sunrise Rainbow

Oscha Art Dyed City Lights

Didymos Cleo

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