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Tula/Ergo/Connecta/or Manduca-help me decide!

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Slugsandsnails2014 Thu 29-Jan-15 15:38:00

DS is almost 16 weeks and not a big guy, we're using the Boba wrap indoors (amazing!) and have been using a second hand Baby Bjorn that a friend gave me when out and about, it's killing my back though and I don't think DS likes it so it's time to upgrade to a SSC....

I was all set on getting an Ergo 360 as like the option of DS being able to have some foward facing time when he's ready, however I'm now torn because I've read the Ergos aren't great for those of petite build? Im average height (5'5") but very slim and have narrow shoulders so want to get the right fit
I've hired a Tula today-its ok I guess, certainly more comfortable by a mile than my bjorn but the shoulder straps do seem very bulky and there doesnt seem to be a great deal of support for DS's head when asleep which the Ergo 360 seems to have looking at the pics

I've heard the Connecta and Manduca may also suit but have yet to try these

Any thoughts or recommendations? Im having a decision making crisis!

nwilson12 Fri 30-Jan-15 15:33:31

I'm new to baby wearing although my son is older at 15 months but I'm a similar build to you - 5'1 and size 6. I tried the tula on but it doesn't fit me, the straps are too wide and don't cross. I tried on a manduca too which was a better fit but the waist is quite structured and was slightly too big for me. I've not tried on an ergo.

I've currently got a connecta, beco soleil and sleepy nico on hire. All of them are better than the tula on me as the straps cross over on your back for front carries and the straps seem narrower than the tula.

I would recommend trying to find a sling meet or a sling consultant in your area so you can try lots on. I wasn't going to bother and was just going to buy the tula online as I really liked it and feedback was that it was good for petite people but trying them on has been so helpful and saved me making an expensive mistake.

I've discovered that I like a unstructured/lightly padded waist and my favourite so far is the sleepy nico as it is so comfortable. The connecta is good as well but get the petite straps otherwise they will be too big when doing a back carry. The beco soleil is good for me and my son sizewise but the waistband is too rigid and digs in.

It's definitely a personal choice and what fits one person doesn't mean it fits someone else.

Sorry for the essay and hope you find one that fits.

Blamenargles Fri 30-Jan-15 15:37:26

iv only tried the connecta but I love it, light weight, folds small and really quick and easy to use. The hood gives extra support when they sleep and protects them from the weather.

also a wide range of patterns.

I do think I would be a good idea to try before you buy as they arnt cheep

Linguaphile Tue 03-Mar-15 13:16:11

I have both Connecta and a Manduca, and by a long shot at that age the Connecta was my favourite. I just found the bulk of the Manduca, a Boba, etc too much! Love the fact that the connectas don't have a waistband and just sort-of mould to your body and your baby. They're a lot easier to cart around as well--just wad it up, pop it in the nappy bag and go! Our girls always slept like the dead in connectas.

eurochick Tue 03-Mar-15 13:23:12

I have an ergo 360. I am 5'6 and slimmish but a bit broader than you based on your description. I find it very comfortable. My baby hated the newborn insert though and I have heard others mention that too. As soon as she didn't need the insert she seemed to be much happier in it.

mewkins Tue 03-Mar-15 20:30:11

I also have a Connecta and Manduca and I liked the Manduca when ds was tiny but he is a big boy now and the Connecta seems better. I find back carries tricky to do though but comfortable once he's up. Yes I also hot the petite straps as it lets you tighten better. I haven't tried a tula but they seem very padded on the shoulder straps.

JuniperTisane Tue 03-Mar-15 20:36:32

As a contrast I much preferred the Connecta for front carries but find it very uncomfortable on the back. I have needed the support of a waist belt once they go on my back.

I have a long torso, boobs and wide shoulders and a narrowish waist and I found the Tula moulded almost exactly to my shape. It feels like I'm wearing nothing even with a 2+yr old on my back. The Boba 4g, the KiBi and the Manduca are all a bit uncomfortable although I will wear the Manduca if necessary as DH likes it and we only take one sling out with us.

Everyone fits them differently. You really do have to test the likely contenders out for a good couple of weeks each.

IAmAPaleontologist Tue 03-Mar-15 20:40:21

Really is all about trying them out. I'm guessing you have a library since you have hired a Tula, do they do sling meets so you could try a selection on?

Momzilla82 Mon 20-Apr-15 15:58:21

I have a boba 4g. I love it. Very clever insert so suitable from birth. Gets lots of admiring looks. I previously tried lots of diff ones at the sling library (mandyca, ergo and one other). If advise trying a few.

LJH79 Sat 15-Aug-15 15:26:50

Going to resurrect this thread. I am wanting a buckle soft structured carrier for three week old. Am looking at connecta or Tula or maybe sleepy nico. Anyone advise which is better for newborn as I am confused. Tried a sling library but didn't have them there. I am also quite short and want something easy to pop on for school runs etc but one that would last. Thanks

RatOnnaStick Sat 15-Aug-15 15:38:11

Connecta is very easy to put on and has the advantage of being able to roll up the body of the carrier to fit the baby. I would absolutely recommend one.

postal hire here


and here

Its good to try a carrier for a good couple of weeks each time before committing to the one that suits you.

DizzyCow63 Sat 15-Aug-15 15:47:16

Lots of good advice already but just wanted to add I am a little shorter than you but love my lillebaby! Very comfortable and supportive even now that my little chunk is 1 and not too bulky.

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