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ssc putting on one handed

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AntiHop Sun 11-Jan-15 13:45:14

Has anyone found a ssc that can be put on one handed whilst holding a baby? My dd is 4 months old so I can't put her down whilst we're out and about to put the sling off.

I went to a sling library and all the SSCs needed two hands to do up the waist strap. I really need one I can put on one handed. I've been using a baby bjorn which I can put on one handed but as it doesn't have a waist strap so it's uncomfortable on my shoulders now dd is getting bigger. I also use a hana wrap but if I'm wearing it all day it loosens and I have the same problem that I have to put her down to tighten it up.

Any suggestions?

AntiHop Sun 11-Jan-15 13:46:59

Sorry meant to write put the sling on one handed, not off.

PotteringAlong Sun 11-Jan-15 13:50:01

I just don't take it off - if I'm having lunch etc I take DS out but leave it done up around the waist.

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