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Best sling for back carry

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MrPop Thu 18-Dec-14 11:10:31

I have a manduca but read on here its a bit low for the baby in the back carry position.

I also have a stretchy wrap but no idea if I could do a back carry in that??

Any suggestions? My dd is 12 weeks but I am thinking of something when she is 6 months + as am happy with carrying her facing me at the moment.


AgentAlice Thu 18-Dec-14 19:37:55

Stretchy is not safe for a back carry.

Manduca are good though, there is no right or wrong tbh. Some people prefer to carry a bit lower than others. I like to carry high so I do the buckle up tight right underneath my boobs, then do the shoulder straps up tight. I found the Manduca quite comfortable for a back carry, they are handy as they are so quick. Even if you get another type of sling to use too the maduca would still be a good sling to own.

Others that I like for a high back carry are: a wrap, nice but not quick and it can take practice. A Mei Tai, some good makes are Melkaj which are really comfortable and Baby Hawk have a good reputation. A podaegi - also shortened to 'pod', can be a bit odd looking at first but really comfy when and quick and also nice and high.

If you have to tie the sling then there are different ways of doing it to get your LO up higher and to get comfortable yourself.

MrPop Fri 19-Dec-14 12:27:23

Thanks - will look into those!

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