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Ergo baby newborn insert + 'tall' baby

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flipflopsonfifthavenue Thu 04-Dec-14 17:06:51

DS2 is 4 weeks old and I've been using the ergo baby + newborn insert (the old style) for the past couple of weeks and he seems happy in it.

However, recently it seems that when I put his head in the right position on the insert, there isn't all that much material left to hook behind his knees to bring them up into the correct position. Basically he seems too long for it. Also, he'll straighten his legs a lot when in the slings, and they end up under the waist band which can't be right.

I remember that I had a similar issue with DS1 when I basically couldn't use the insert as he was too long for it (had a borrowed one from when he was about 3/4 months) so I had to wait til he was 5mo before I started using it, and I went straight to using it without the insert.

Can DS2 really be too long at 4 weeks...? It's an expensive sling to be essentially unusable for 4 months!

Anyone else with similar experience?

pootlebug Sat 06-Dec-14 15:42:41

I run a sling library and this is a common problem with the infant insert. Usually the problem is more around heads sticking out of the top too far, so meaning the neck isn't properly supported. You can perhaps get his legs into a better position by tilting his pelvis, so that he sits further onto the back of his bum with knees coming up, iyswim.

Tanukisan Sat 06-Dec-14 15:45:07

Take the cushion out?

TheEagle Sat 06-Dec-14 15:48:26

I've seen people recommend using a blanket or small towel instead of the insert. If you Google this you'll find some good instructional videos showing you how to eat it up.

I got a pressie of my Ergo when DS was 14 weeks and he was in between needing the insert and being too big for it! I used a rolled up blanket for a while but he was always a big baby and by about 4mo he fitted in without anything.

TheEagle Sat 06-Dec-14 15:48:50

Set it up! Not eat it up smile

pootlebug Sat 06-Dec-14 16:08:23

I often recommend using a small blanket/towel etc. However, I would just be a bit wary with a baby as small as 4 weeks (I realise he is big, but from what you said it sounds like tall more than chunky) as he needs to be big enough to fill out the carrier enough to stop him slumping downwards with his chin onto his chest, which could compromise his airways.

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