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2.4 yr old, love my abc ssc, what next (woven?)

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Cupoftchaiagain Fri 17-Oct-14 21:17:34

Dd walks a lot now but will still need a carry at times, plus we enjoy getting out for long country walks where she really needs a comfortable carry.
After a wander back from the park where I ended up using my scarf to wrap her on my back (not very safe, I'm sure!) I was wondering about a very very short woven I could use as a scarf, and carry her in for the short periods needed.
Also looking for advice on whether it is worth getting a bigger ssc. She still seems comfortable in it on me, but it is increasingly tight, and she looks more squashed, on dh. Esp with winter coats coming into play!

She is a big toddler, 13,5kg, tall. We r both also tall- me 5.8, size 10-12, dh 6ft,bit overweight (sorry dh..). Cost is a factor!

We have a ring sling which I never got on that well with but dh likes.

Cupoftchaiagain Fri 17-Oct-14 21:19:30

Abc is the action baby carrier, it is a padded waist band and straps buckle carrier, we used it from when she was approx 3months old.

SweetTeaVodka Thu 23-Oct-14 07:09:25

Toddler Tula? Not the cheapest but they hold their value pretty well for resale. I find Tulas incredibly comfy.

Toddler Connecta is cheaper but a very different type of SSC. No waistband, more of a mei tai with buckles really. I love mine though and it folds up small to go in the changing bag.

I believe Rose and Rebellion make a preschool carrier although I've no experience of them.

Cupoftchaiagain Thu 23-Oct-14 10:34:25

That's helpful sweet tea, I didn't know connectas were made that differently. But I do like the idea of portability when not in use. I think I may have to see if I can try out a few different ones. Connectas are cheaper too I think? Tula may be the one for comfort though.. Will definitely try

Cupoftchaiagain Thu 23-Oct-14 10:35:31

How comfortable do u find the connecta and how heavy a child? How long can u carry him/her for? Never tried a mei tai

GoogleyEyes Fri 24-Oct-14 17:46:18

I loved the Connecta for front carries with crossed straps, but found it didn't tighten enough for me in back carries. It does pack down to very little though, which is handy. I could carry dd in it for over two hours at around 9kg.

For a little more padding and greater adjustability, I'd recommend a Melkaj mei tai. I was ok with 14kg dd in it for nearly two hours recently (we did a lot of walking that day and she needed a nap).

Cupoftchaiagain Fri 24-Oct-14 19:32:45

I can't imagine I'll use front carries at dd's age. I'll look up the melkaj thanks.

CMOTDibbler Fri 24-Oct-14 19:37:33

I had a lovely wrap conversion preschooler size Dreamcarrier at that age. I found the half buckle gave me more support to take weight on my hips, and just rolled it down when not in use. I had a toddlerhawk and toddler sized Melkaj before, and loved them.

For very up/down things when ds just needed the odd rest, a big ring sling was good

GoogleyEyes Fri 24-Oct-14 20:43:04

Melkaj will do custom sizes for about £10 extra - I have a slightly wider than preschool size one, as dd has longish legs but a short body. Melkaj will happily do extra long ties, too, though I doubt your DH would need them - the standard ones go over my shoulders, across dd, and then around my waist twice!

A half buckle is also a good option, but I don't know of any off-the-shelf ones - and once you get onto Ocahs etc it gets very, very pricey and hard to find.

SweetTeaVodka Wed 29-Oct-14 18:42:16

Sorry for not replying sooner, Cup, not been on MN for a while between work and poorly toddler.

I find woven wraps and Tulas more comfortable than the Connecta, and the Connecta more comfortable than the Ergo or Boba. The waist of the Connecta is the most comfortable of any SSC for me but I sometimes wish the straps were more padded. The biguest downside for me is that I tend to misplace the chest strap as it is separate entirely from the carrier, although that is handy for keeping it all folded together when not in use.

Not sure how much DD weighs but I know she is slender for her age compared to her peers.

Always a good idea to try things out in person as I know some carriers I dislike others love haha. If you can't try them out locally then do postal hires ;)

Cupoftchaiagain Sat 01-Nov-14 21:15:10

Some great ideas here everyone thank u. I hadn't even thought of a melkaj, or any half-wrap carrier at all. I have found the local sling meet and am going to go down there to try on a few things. Unless I find a second hand decent price abc toddler first! Thank u all lots more long walks for us ahead smile

IAmAPaleontologist Sat 01-Nov-14 21:23:20

Ds2 is 2 and a half and I've just got a size 2 woven now so i can keep it in my handbag and use it if needed. I just do a ruck tied under bum. It works for me, i have always been a wrapper though. But i didn't want structured toddler carrier as you can't roll them up as small. We went to London a few months ago and just took the wrap. Sometimes i carried ds2 in it but also used it for 5 year old dd a bit. Even big girls get shattered on long days out.

Cupoftchaiagain Sun 02-Nov-14 21:23:35

Does the ruck pull on your shoulders with not having any waistband? Now thinking I ought to encourage her to walk more

IAmAPaleontologist Sun 02-Nov-14 21:50:56

Not if you tension it right, i didn't think of like it as i always preferred a ruck tied tibetian but i love under bum. Can also do a couple of rebozo passes and tie off at the shoulder, whatever that is called grin .

Cupoftchaiagain Wed 05-Nov-14 22:45:36

I've just bought a wrap! Excited...

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