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Is the Ergobaby Ventus rubbish?

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alteredimages Thu 02-Oct-14 08:53:30

I bought the ergobaby ventus from an authorised reseller in March. I liked the idea of the ergobaby original but was worried about DS overheating in the warm climate where I live.

After a series of attempts to use it, now 9mo chunky DS is still disappearing inside the sling, which leaves nasty red marks on his face and neck.

I am sure this can't be right but as far as i can tell I am using it correctly. Waist strap round my hips, shoulder strap fastens fine between my shoulder blades, all very comfortable. I do sometimes feel that the waist strap loosens itself a bit, but can't find a solution.

Any ideas what I can do? It cost a small fortune and DH wants to burn it. Help!

SweetTeaVodka Thu 23-Oct-14 07:20:18

I'm not familiar with that Ergo so just had to look it up, looks like it comes up higher than other Ergos. I wonder if using a blanket to boost him up would help, like is shown here:

WottaMess Thu 23-Oct-14 07:26:24

Not sure if you could roll the waistband? confused there are some very knowledgable baby wearers in the slings and things fsot Facebook pages who would be happy to advise - best if you have pics of him in it though.

I find I have to have 'waist straps' under my boobs pretty much, esp in a back carry to get him high enough.

alteredimages Fri 31-Oct-14 21:29:13

I forgot about this thread. blush Thanks for your replies.

Now DS is 10 months it is a bit better. A lot better in fact. It just has taken a lot longer than advertised to be a good fit!

I wonder if my body just isn't a good fit for this ergo? If I put a blanket under him then his head bashes me in the chin. I am obviously just too short!

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