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Sleeping upright

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Magpieblue Wed 16-Jul-14 13:56:42

Hi sling experts, can you help? I've been using a Boba wrap with my DD since she was born in the newborn hold, cradle-like. Now she's carried upright she does go to sleep but her head bends right over to one side. It doesn't look very comfortable and I can't work out how to support her head in an upright sleeping position. I'm having to hold her head with one hand which kind of negates the point of being hands free. Am I going wrong somewhere?

Rockchick1984 Thu 24-Jul-14 08:51:19

Either use one of the pieces that are going over your shoulder to support her, just tuck the back of her head into it, or roll a muslin and tuck it behind her neck to keep her head supported smile

SweetTeaVodka Thu 24-Jul-14 20:44:00

Tuck baby's head under one of the passes like in this photo, or roll a muslin up and tuck it into the top of the bit going horizontally across baby smile

Magpieblue Thu 31-Jul-14 17:05:41

Thanks both. Tucking her head into the side bit also doesn't look that comfortable but I'll try the rolled up muslin.

(and I remember you, rock, from the antenatal threads - hope you're doing well!)

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