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Outward facing carrier

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Mirrhi Wed 28-May-14 21:21:56


We're looking for a carrier to use with DS where he can be facing outwards as he much prefers this. He is 5 months old so one that could be used now or as soon as possible is ideal. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Thanks in advance thanks

Oriunda Wed 28-May-14 21:24:24

Ergo, can use now facing out and then he can go on your back when he is older. DS is 2 and I am using mine much more now he goes on my back. Particularly good when travelling and using tube etc when you don't want to be lugging a pushchair up stairs.

HamAndPlaques Thu 29-May-14 00:35:28

careful, standard ergo is not suitable for facing out but the new ergo 360 is. The other option is a beco Gemini. Both will support baby knee-to-knee but forward facing still forces am awkward curve in the spine so really only for shorter periods of time.

Mirrhi Thu 29-May-14 09:25:30

Thanks both, that's really useful. [Thanks]

CruCru Thu 29-May-14 14:02:51

I have both the Ergo and the Beco Gemini, I much prefer the Beco.

berryclever Wed 24-Sep-14 14:00:56

The new ErgoBaby 360 lets your baby face outward. The BabyBjorn is very popular with our parents -- outward facing as well.

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