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Pouch for a premature baby

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PartyConfused Tue 27-May-14 09:08:50

I used a caboo. It was perfect. She came home about 3.5lbs, but I think I used it around the weight your friend's ds is now. She was and is a very slow grower so she was about 5 months old!
I found this very easy to use-no wrapping etc but it still has the same look as a wrap sling.
I got is from mothercare using a voucher. It actually worked out cheaper than second hand off ebay.

TeaandHobnobs Tue 27-May-14 09:03:22

I don't think pouch carriers are recommended due to suffocation risk? Hopefully someone will correct me if I am wrong there. This especially important with premature babies as they can often have breathing difficulties due to underdeveloped lungs.
I would recommend a stretchy wrap such as a Moby, Boba, Kari-me or Hana. We had a boba stretchy wrap for DS from about 5lb.
Could you find a local sling consultant to give your friend some good specialist advice?

randdom Mon 26-May-14 11:35:58

I am wondering if anyone can help me.

My friend has just brought home her baby. He was born early and still only ways 4lbs 3. She is currently just trying to settle in as a family and has asked whether I can have a look for a pouch carrier which would be suitable for the weight that he is now (she has one for when he is a bit bigger). This is not a type of carrier I have really come across so I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions of advise about where I should start.

Thanks for any help.

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