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Coventry Slings Launch Party

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EmilyTyler Fri 23-May-14 16:25:16

We are Launching Coventry Slings properly on 7th June 2014, 10-12.30 at Drapers' Bar and restaurant (formally Browns), Earl street, Coventry.
It is a family friendly event, come down and find out what we are about, we are also offering a raffle with exciting prizes and exclusive discounts. For more details please visit

Coventry slings is all about parents, and their children. We want to help you to carry your children in the way that makes you happy. We have social events such as pub meets, sling walks as well as a library and are trained consultants.

Littlelinzi89 Tue 21-Oct-14 11:49:56

I'm in Nuneaton and desperate to try and get my head around all the slings on the market, it's like a minefield and with only 9days until due date I'm panicking that I won't find any help.
Where can I find out about meets and your library

Thanks in advance
Fingers crossed you can help

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