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Buckle Carrier For Small Mum?

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AmyByTheTrain Sat 17-May-14 16:47:04

I tried a Manduca from the sling library and loved it, except that the wide waistband kept digging into my hipbones in the wrong way and I got very sore. I tried adjusting it to be higher, but the waist couldn't get quite tight enough to stay that way.

Now I'm trying a Connecta (Solarweave, as that's what the library has rather than the Integra), since it has a much smaller waist, which helps. But its shoulder straps don't adjust small enough for me to carry without the straps crossed, and I'd really like to be able to back carry rucksack-style. The person running the sling library thought the Beco Gemini would have this same problem for me.

I'm not all that short (5'5"), but am pretty skinny, especially since I haven't had time to eat enough cake since DS was born. DS is 6mo and tall.

Any ideas of other buckle carriers that work for small mums? Or do I need to head to the land of mei tais and woven wraps?

shuckleberryfinn Sat 17-May-14 16:50:42

You can get connectas with petite shoulder straps. Possibly the beco soliel may be small enough for you too. Mei tais are good for this though as your not restricted as to the length of the straps. How about a half buckle like the Lana, it buckles at the waist but has wrap straps.

fish88 Sat 17-May-14 16:58:18

If you ring the connecta boutique (they have a facebook page) they will send you a list of the connectas they have with petite straps and then you can order over the phone. The connecta is the only carrier I have tried that fits my waist.

fish88 Sat 17-May-14 16:59:59

Just to add... sounds like I am similar size to you and I eventually decided to buy a connecta with standard straps. I found that I could wear it without the straps crossed if I used the accessory strap which comes with all new connectas.

AmyByTheTrain Mon 19-May-14 15:08:52

A connecta with petite straps is super news!

fish Yes, I wish the connecta I have at the moment had the accessory strap with it. At first I didn't realise it is a separate piece that I'm missing, and went through great puzzlement about how the connectors it plugs into could ever fit together. I do think the strap would help, so may try to lay my hands on one.

And I like the look of the soliel, shuckleberry, so will check if might work if I come across one. I found a buckle carrier comparison that claims its straps don't get any smaller than the gemini. But it also claims the soleil is good for petite people versus the gemini, so maybe. Plus, the Lana definitely looks interesting if the others don't work, since one of the things that puts me off mei tais is tying behind my back. (I had a close caboo when DS was small and really didn't like it, tying behind my back was one of the reasons.)

Thanks guys!

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