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ring sling for size 18+

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drinkyourmilk Mon 28-Apr-14 21:06:39

I use a stretchy wrap atm for a hefty 7 month old (9.5kg), but it takes me an age to put on and get right (did you see the woman with a baby hanging round her knees?-yup, that was me!). Obviously ive read all the bumf, had a pro check I'm putting it on right etc, I just seem to misjudge the tightness. A ring sling looks much easier.
I'm a size 18.
Can anyone make a recommendation please?

FrumiousBandersnatch Tue 29-Apr-14 22:15:08

At 7mo and 9.5kg I doubt you're doing anything wrong - your baby is just too big for a stretchy and the fabric can no longer support him.

Ring slings are great but have their limitations. With heavier babies they are really only comfy for an hour or so as you bear the weight on one shoulder. However, they are quick once you have the knack and a hip carry is very useful with older babies.

I am also a size 18 with a big baby. Ring slings usually have either a pleated or a gathered shoulder - the former is narrower and suits people with smaller shoulders, whereas my preference is for a gather, which you can spread wide over the shoulder to distribute the weight. I don't know your budget,but Palm and Pond and Little Frog are worth a look for good value options. If you want to spend more, then oscha are beautiful!

drinkyourmilk Wed 30-Apr-14 23:06:37

Thanks for the recommendation. I'll have a look at your suggestions. It would only be for a short period. I have an ergo for longer outings.

kellestar Tue 06-May-14 15:51:58

I have a Didymos indio ring sling with a gathered shoulder, so comfy once you know how to get it on.

I've also just purchased a Girasol Zunil RS with a pleated shoulder, very pretty and is taking more accuracy to position the shoulder right for comfort.

I am 18-20 and found the Girasol is slightly longer.

Little frogs are an awesome starting point and you can get fabric blends like cotton/linen to produce a sturdier seat for carrying more weight.

There are aome good second hand sling trading groups on facebook. Babywearing fsot and affordable slings are good to see what's about . And being used it's likely they are softer, giving an easier experience.

Twattyzombiebollocks Tue 13-May-14 18:40:41

I'm a size 16 and have 3 ring slings, a girasol, a kokaidi and a beautiful 100% cashmere one that's like a blanket. They are all fine length wise for me (the cashmere is a little bit short with only about 15-20cm of tail but it works and I live with it because it's so lush) all of them are gathered shoulder. I find them fine for short trips or when she's up and down (she's 15 months old, 30lb and the size of a 2yo) but if I'm carrying for any length of time or she will need a nap while we are out I use a woven wrap as I prefer to have central on the front and I find that is harder with a ring sling. Also I like that with the wrap I can do an extra loop on my waist for extra support for my dodgy lower back. I use a size 6 woven wrap which allows me to do all the carries I need to with a toddler

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